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Wordpress SEO

Wordpress SEO

WordPress-SEO: Lexoffice


Do you remember, back then at the Emperor’s times, when we had to walk 20 kilometers through the knee-deep snow to school with the slate under the arms? Back then when the cutler moved from house to house every month. Back then when in the kontors legions of accountants pored over countless bill books. Fortunately these days are over long ago. Today it is not only easier for schoolchildren and people with blunt scissors, but also for everyone who has to deal with accounting.

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SOScom SEO for WordPress

Soscom Logo

Let’s just assume you have a really classy high-tech house. Your house doesn’t only look great, but is also smart. Smart? How is that possible without a brain? Just think of a smart home hub that you can control over your smartphone, regardless if it the blinds, heating, lights and other devices. When you get home and you want to get comfy you can set the right scene before even arriving there. So once again, your house is smart and knows what you need: light in the darkness, sun during the day, heat on the stove and a system that knows who enters and leaves the house when.

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SEO WordPress für MCS

Let‟s assume you hear the word “nerd” somewhere. Are you thinking of the loser version of a one-track specialist then? It‟s okay, just go ahead. Admit it, you are just imagining a spectacled weakling with extraordinary computer skills. That you‟re being completely wrong with this is needless to say, right?

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WordPress Optimization for Graef Alarmanlagen

Logo G R A E F Alarmanlagen

SEO Magento für Graef

Although the seo-nerd sensed something bad might happen reading this sentence, he didn’t hesitate to take up this SEO WordPress challenge, as well.

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SEO 4selected

4s Logo Retina

SEO Wordpress für 4selected

SEO for WordPress in comparison with other CMSs, Responsive Webdesign or scaling of inline elements in the template – when experts meet up talks reach a level that sounds like gibberish to laymen.

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A&TA Mobilfunk-Management

Mobilfunk Verwaltung Logo4

SEO Wordpress für A&TA

Managers are in a similarly bad odour as politicians, bankers, or guys who collect the broadcasting charges. The seo-nerd however does not care for such generalizing prejudices (apart from the charges guy). So he then was very pleased when the mobile phone management A & TA contacted him to ask for WordPress SEO for their new website.

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Verveberlin – SEO for WordPress

Seo Wordpress Verveberlin


SEO WordPress is not an indecent delight for everyone. It is luckily different for the seo-nerd and his team of the SEO agency Berlin: the nerd also knows the sensual dimension of website optimisation.

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SEO for MyTemple and WordPress

Logo Mytemple 300x300

MyTemple - Wordpress Optimierung

The world of SEO tools, the On- and Offpage optimisation most people don’t associate with physicality. The nerd blossoms in the SEO world, but he didn’t believe either until recently, that his love for bits and bytes would lead him to the sensual sphere of Tantra massages one day. But then this beautiful woman showed up.

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SEO for Hochzeitslocations Berlin

Seo Wordpress Hlberlin

SEO Wordpress HLBerlin

For the best day of someone’s life the makers of the wedding locations Berlin have thought of something very special: an informative site all about the best day of your life. With numerous ideas for the wedding celebration and amazing locations in the capital the WordPress site was supposed to present itself to broad public.

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