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| Stand: Nov. 2022
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Webdesign Berlin

Web design and SEO have belonged together for like forever. Ever since, Google has emphasized good programming of websites and accordance to web standards. In the past years Google has fuelled the flirt between the two disciplines even further. For by now, the search engine honours domains that are really user-friendly. Who wants to have a website made, should therefore consider SEO criteria concerning the design right from the beginning.

If you have your website programmed by the seo-nerd and his team of the Berliner SEO agency then you can be assured that the domain is designed in a way right from the start to score the best possible rankings. Our SEO web design balances content strategy as well as the usability of your web appearance with the users’ needs, but also designs all sites in a way, so that search engines appreciate the value of your offerings. As SEO specialists we make sure from the outset that the semantics of the markup language are correct, that the markup is valid and avoid errors that way that are often the rule in web design kits.

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Programming and SEO Web Design from Berlin

Responsive Webdesign

Contemporary web design involves way more than just optical design. An appealing, aesthetic design will always enchant the user. If users have difficulties to understand a site intuitively they will leave even the prettiest site and not return to it that quickly. SEO web design by the seo-nerd therefore combines always aesthetic criteria with practical requirements for the biggest usability possible.

Users are usually impatient and decide within seconds whether they want to have a closer look at a site. Therefore it is important to always highlight three questions through SEO web design:

  • What is the website about (what is the topic)?
  • Which use does the website have?
  • What can users do on the site? (obtain information, order something, entertainment?)

Our SEO web design resolves these questions involving you and produces using this basis an attractive design. As we take the CI of your company into consideration as well, of course, we perfectly highlight your core messages. In other words: although we highly emphasize on the usability, we always bear in mind that the online presence is always also like the business card of your company. Often it is the case of mediating between the viewpoints of the company on itself with the users’ point of view.

Our SEO web design is perfectly made for this kind of mediation as we as an SEO agency look both ways anyhow: at the needs of the company (with which keywords do I want to be found, which keywords do I stand for), but also the users’ needs (how do I find with my request the best offer the fastest).

Content Management System

SEO Web Design uses Neuromarketing

Not every user is alike. While some users take a lot of time to strictly study all texts, even the small print, others just want to quickly order something or look for a specific piece of information. For your perfect internet appearance we hence play through different user journeys and develop scenarios that often occur in your web offering.

With the aid of call-to-action elements as well as a clear and intuitively understandable menu layout we keep the number of clicks necessary to move on your site as low as possible. At the same time, our SEO web design gives users the opportunity to deal with the content more thoroughly.

We increase the visiting times on your sites which is one of the most important user signals and an essential requirement for the ranking success on Google.

Web Design for different CMS and Shop systems

Neue Webseite Als As SEO agency we work with the various content management systems (CMS) and shop systems on a daily basis. Our programmers are acquainted to produce individually tailored websites in:

  • WordPress
  • Contao
  • Magento
  • JTL
  • Jimdo
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • u.v.m.

When building your website we are happy to discuss with you all necessary legal issues for using logos, pictures or videos, create these ourselves or contract a suitable partner.

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