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Basically, SEO is very easy: Just do anything to convince Google and your users that your website offers the best supply for relevant search requests. In short, make your domain a very interesting option for Google and your users. That sounds much easier than it is in real life. What applies for simple rules like “eat healthy”, “get enough sleep”, or “do more sports” is also true for SEO: You only realize problems the moment you start to follow the rules. Therefore, many different skills and talents are required to make Google and users happy. The nerd congregated those talents:

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Online Marketing and Project Controlling

Rumour has it that our Online Marketing Manager and Project Controller even develop strategies for ordinary tasks like getting out of bed, making coffee, or getting to work. They are perpetually fine-tuning their tactics for further optimization. That nerdy behaviour is perfect for SEO, because here you can always improve even the tiniest bit to make a difference.

With being Allrounders our Marketing Experts always have the bigger picture in mind. They not only analyze websites for established ranking factors but also observe if users are addressed in the right tone of voice and via the proper channel. They do their best for our customers with creating extensive usability studies, auditing the sales funnel, developing social media strategies, and implementing SEA campaigns.

They are beloved go-to-persons, because they always maintain overview. Their rich knowledge in all areas of online marketing essentially contributes to seo-nerd®’s holistic approach to SEO. Despite their busy jobs they are always friendly and maintain loveliness even when being under stress. You don’t believe it? Bug them with your questions and find out for yourself!

Steven Siebert
Qualitymanager & Controlling
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SEO Management

Sustainable SEO requires different skills: a precise vision, the talent to organize, patience, and the ability to emphasize with the topic and goal of a webpage. It is essential to keep track of different disciplines and tasks over a period of time. So SEO Manager should always aim for the kind of success that is more than just the sum of its individual parts.

Our SEO Manager virtuosically master this piece of art with deeply analyzing and getting to know our customers websites. In coordination with the individual goals of website masters our SEO Manager engineer SEO strategies which sustainably improve rankings with Google & Co. They not only glam up webpages for search engines but also seek for designs to be clear and interesting for customers to use repeatedly.

Being real nerds our SEO Manager know everything about the latest Google updates and implement them even before the call to action requires it. Still, they are able to see beyond the horizon of SEO world and never fail to connect different other online and offline marketing disciplines with their divine SEO knowledge.

Sara Inverso
SEO Manager
Daniel Möhle
SEO Manager
Yu-Chi Huang
Junior SEO Manager
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Web Design

Attractive people are better off than others, studies show. The same goes for websites: The better they look the easier they will win through in rankings. But the Web Designers working at seo-nerd® do not stop with prettying up your webpage with the latest styles. They know that real beauty needs to come from within. Therefore, their SEO Web Design focuses on the function a webpage should provide and aims to answer users questions:

“What is this website about? What can it do for me? What can I do on the page?” With the perfect Web Design our Designers prepare the path to the direction you want your users to go. Call To Action Elements are designed to be seen and placed where your users are likely to follow them. Their distinct sense of beauty transforms text deserts into loveable and readable bits of information. Their visual language explains everything that is difficult to tell with words.

The results our Designers reliably provide are so convincing that the whole nerd team is constantly out of words! Not to mention their deep knowledge of established CMS and shop systems. These are only a few reasons why you should let your website be designed by our nerdy Designers. You will easily find more when you witness how they transform vague ideas into beautifully designed webpages users like to spend time on.

Sarah Peterson
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Technical SEO & IT

To succeed in SEO, extraordinary knowledge in IT is essential. It is necessary to straighten out mistakes in website codes and also dispose of redundant elements to speed up loading time. Our IT nerds not only sport excellent programming skills but also provide deep knowledge about CMS and shop systems like WordPress, Contao, Typo3, Magento, and Joomla.

This wide range of technical abilities needs to partner up with the application of permanently changing requirements Google demands. Clearly a job for real experts.

Our nerds from seo-nerd®-IT are the nerdiest nerds you will ever find in IT. According to their opinion they prefer to communicate in coding languages, because it is quicker and more precise. Still, current and future customers can approach them anytime in usual German or English.

Norman Seiffert
Head of Coding
Florian Maier
Web Developer
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Content Marketing

Over the years Google has transformed into a semantic-holistic search engine. Simply expressed, Google succeeded with leaving the level of words and reached the level of texts. Times are gone forever when it was totally okay to write just some kind of text which provided your keyword not too many times but still a lot of times. Google now knows a lot better if your text is of high quality or not. Furthermore, Google teams up with user signals to evaluate if content on a website is relevant for users or not. The search engine is therefore able to identify the quality of texts even when algorithms can not deliver the whole picture.

Webpages without useful content are nowadays forever banned from good SERP positions. The nerds of our Content Marketing Division are trained journalists, authors, and copywriters who know how to explore and incorporate every topic with passion and accuracy. Additionally packed with great knowledge in marketing they always write with a strong user perspective. They always avoid horrors like empty bodies of information as well as pointlessly fired volleys of keywords. They do not give a fun about text body length but aim for readable sentences with maximum information for readers.

Our nerdy text acrobats are equipped with a wide range of interests. Therefore, they are able to get to the heart of just every topic. As far as we know, there is no subject they are not eager to write about. Do you think your website’s topic is really something only nerds can love? Call us and test our author’s portfolio!

Frank Bruder
Head of Content
Ramona Hönke
Content Manager
Anna Gondermann
Content Manager
Kevin Huber
Content Manager
Sophia Leontinowa
Junior Content Manager
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No company is complete without a soul. Like in many other businesses, the seo-nerd®’s soul is located in the backoffice. The colleague here is really the nerd to go to. Being a generalist he knows about all processes. That is why he always has a sympathetic ear for you. That sounds really friendly but not nerdy at all? Wait a second!

Our backoffice nerd is equipped with a strong tenacity that only nerds can claim for themselves. Being a good soul he always internalizes others concerns (especially our customer’s concerns). In order to answer your questions he bugs other nerds until the problem is solved. Fantastic, isn’t it? Why hesitate? Call him!

Christa Bollweg
Backoffice Manager
Marcel Iwa
Backoffice Manager
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CEO & Founder

Matthias Schmeißer
CEO & Founder

Rumours about Germany’s former chancellor Gerhard Schröder claim that he once as a young man rattled the gates of the chancellery and screamed “I want to get in!” Decades later Schröder actually made it and was able to explore the building as man of the house from within. CEO and founder of seo-nerd® Matthias Schmeißer is under suspicion to the same incident – regarding Google of course. Even if not being the shaker of Google’s not existing doors, the nerds from his team claim that he must know the search engine from within.

He sports intimate knowledge of tricks and ruses on how Google wants to be treated to rank websites in top positions. His intuition for individual needs of websites and his persuasiveness on search engines is constantly being transferred to his team.

And this is how he does it: Nobody needs to rattle the door to his office, screaming for admittance. Just because his door is always open, for team members and customers alike. Drop by soon for a chat about SEO and a coffee!