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Unique Content

For your e-commerce and blog | Stand: Nov. 2022
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When the nerd looks at a project for an optimization, numerous aspects that can be improved on classic websites bur even more so on online shops catch his eye. A clean OnPage optimization is the foundation of the nerdy word of an experienced SEO agency. And many aspects clever website and shop owners can bind into the template of the new site, thus providing success for the website sustainably. And therefore the nerd spells out a few magic SEO tips from his hat that are supposed to help even beginners to big jumps in the SERPs.

Seven-ranks-boots for the search engine optimization

The nerd needs the special unique content to create the magic seven-ranks-boots for a website or the online-shop, hence achieving very nerdy SEO ranks. Unique text sounds logical and simple first, but a thorough processing is demanded, so that the boots can walk their full magic through the SERPs after the spell’s been cast.

Unique content – singularity with added value

Unique content, also called unique text in SEO talk, is the main ingredient for an Onage optimization. Own wording with keywords implemented and as much added value as possible for the reader receive preferred treatment from the search engine bots. The added value develops from preferably comprehensive information about the site content offering answers on the website visitors’ questions on a topic:
The Fish website is considered as particularly interesting by visitors (and the bots) as you can find not only unique content about fish in general, but also on the various species, their origin, maintenance and care taking. The chewing gum manufacturer can, for example, report about the production, tell funny anecdotes about the history of sweets or just simply describe the various flavours, on the other hand. Also sub-topics give countless opportunities to move the search engine optimisation of your own website forward.

Likewise it is important to incorporate essential keywords that can be found in a normal frequency and preferably also in synonyms in the text. Even a well, in terms of keywords optimized subpage with selected meta-tags and visual stimuli (don’t forget photo captions!) can become a catcher for visitors and contribute to the website’s success. If you let yourself swayed to “too much” and builds up only an especially high number of keywords you might cards stacked against you since the bots look through that and website visitors find it difficult and stilted to read. For that reason one should primarily write for the reader and not for the bot.

When just copying texts you risk to be penalized by Google’s SEO Zoo that might even end up in the great, but not unique texts being hidden if the same text is found on another website. Especially critical this is for online shops: if you transfer the product description from the producer completely unchanged you have low chances to get these boots running. Duplicate content is pure poison for the recipe of magic boots. However, little poisonous plants don’t only lurk close to copied texts, but also in other corners of the SEO magic world.

The Poison for SERPs

The duplicate content plant lives also in the vicinity of multiple URLs reaching the same subpage. In this perspective, online shops with sorting categories and paged sites offer an optimal habitat for the blossoming of the duplicate content plant, as soon as the same product is accessible in more than one category.


The product may be the same, for the search engine bots, though, not being able to look at or buy shoes and only crawling contents, it looks like as if the content for two different products is identical. And everything double or more cannot be very special. Hence the search engine is notified: Not important, this can go!

The same effect can be reached by website and online shop owners, if session IDs instead of cookies are available. And since every new visitor of a site creates a new session ID loads of new URLs with the same content are indicated to the bots. This way the number of doubles of a site can be increased with every new visitor. The emphasis is on “can”…an SEO agency and of course the nerd would definitely NOT recommend this! They use optimised links at the right places to show the bots the right way to good content.

Offer goodies to the search engine bots

A website can be regarded as well optimised if it has a highly informative content that stimulates the visitor to interact with the website: this of course especially includes contacting the website owner or the direct purchase in the online shop. Therewith the seven-ranks-boots gain speed and get magical positions in the SERPs.

But an SEO like the nerd does even a bit more: a proper sweets shelf packed with yummy information can be generated by social media incorporation, user- generated content or a blog. There the success via good generating of unique content can be multiplied as informative and interesting aspects are shared and recommended here and thereby new, enthused website visitors become new contacts and customers. Sweets like that the bots can’t resist and get a well-built website into the top 10 quite often.

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