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Google Rich Snippets

Approach users with additional information | Stand: Nov. 2022
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Google offers users visually attractive information with added value with Rich snippets. They enable the searcher to decide with one look if the site is relevant for them or not. Website providers can additionally use extra space in the search result to stand out against competition and to increase their number of clicks, have more qualified traffic and ultimately generate increased turnovers.

The seo-nerd explains how to use and set-up Rich Snippets and thus offer overseeable information for users.

Rich Snippets bring together what belongs together

From the user’s point of view, snippets are just additional information that are stated below the titles (or links). Literally, with “rich” in the term rich snippets an added value is meant, i.e. they are snippets that have an added value for the users.

An example for this are the star reviews that indicate how other users score the sought- after product with a retailer. Or a picture with a video start button is displayed that signals that a video is up on the site recommended for the user. With these info-rich snippets, users capture with one look in the best-case scenario, whether a site is relevant for them Rich Snippets (because they want to watch a video about this topic) or they are only interested in products with good reviews.

For website providers, rich snippets are an extra chance to increase traffic. Cunningly used, they not only gain more attention in the search result with the right snippet (e.g. via a thumbnail), but also lead to particularly more qualified traffic, i.e. to users that remain on a site as they find on it what the SERP promises them and causes a conversion in the best case.

Basically, rich snippets help the searcher as well as the website provider. They bring supply and demand together faster. The usage of snippets does not have a direct influence on the ranking of sites, according to Google. However it is obvious that there’re indirect effects that are resulting from it and add to the SEOptimization, for instance by increasing the dwell time or the CTR (click- through rate).

Rich snippets adjust themselves

Life is colorful, the internet is even more colorful. To pay justice to the variety on the net at least a little bit Google rich snippets support a range of content types:

  • Reviews
  • People
  • Products
  • Prices
  • Local business and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music
  • Video
seo-nerds Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets in Google

Owners of a restaurant surely wish their address details to crop up in the search results at least – after all, we are usually looking for restaurants near us (buzz word: Local SEO). But you can also set up rich snippets for your own for information from the own Xing or LinkedIn profile to be listed in the SERP. A requirement for this is that Google can read this information. This is achieved by utilizing special HTML mark-ups.

Useful tools for setting up Rich Snippets

In their Webmaster tools, Google describes elaborately and easily understandable how a HTML mark-up needs to be made, so that they are to the Google crawlers’ liking.

The corresponding data has to be structured in a specific format for this. Together with Yahoo! and Bing, Google agreed on three standards after which the contents of a site are indexed. On you can find, sorted after the above listed types of contents, templates for the respective HTML mark-up. With their aid one can indicate the content of a site to the search machine. These data are only readable to the search machine and not visible for the user on the site.

There are three different mark-up formats: micro data, micro formats, and RDFa. In principal, every format can be used to inform the search machine with own contents. The seo-nerd and Google, however, recommend using micro data.

Piece of cake, the correct HTML mark-up can be generated with the Mark-up help by Google. For that you call up the own website URL in the tool. When you then, for instance, click on the contact field in the site notice, a pop-up window shows up you can feed the HTML mark-up with. This is do-able even with very basic HTML knowledge. And if it doesn’t work out anyhow the nerd and his Berliner SEO team is here to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, it is recommended to check the developed mark-up with the Google Snippets Testing Tool. There you can get a preview on what the search result might look like in the future.

What needs to be considered with Rich Snippets?

Google treats such rewards and information at their own discretion in the end. Therefore there is no guarantee that Rich Snippets will be actually displayed. Not least, because a display also depends on the user’s particular search patterns. Additionally, it always takes a while until a bot has crawled the site and the information has been made visible in the search results.

The snippets are not allowed to be used for advertising purposes. Hence you shouldn’t incorporate price reductions in your HTML mark-up. There is also the chance on receiving a penalty if abusing this. Several times sites were penalized for working with just made- up Rich Snippet star reviews. Whoever wants to attract attention to their products with small yellow stars and a high score should implement an actual feedback system on their site.

Apart from these easily avoidable issues Rich Snippets are an easy opportunity to help the own site get more attention.
The nerd and his Berliner SEO agency have already made the experience that even on the ranking spots 3 and 4 click rates of up to 25% are possible through Rich Snippets if these results distract the user’s attention onto them and also helps you with restructuring the source code.

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