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SEO 3.0

Less risks, more succes – with SEO 3.0 | Stand: Nov. 2022
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The nerd tells you a secret: everything, truly everything he knows about the true meaning of SEO he has learnt from a man who neither owned a computer nor had a clue about how to turn one on, let alone how to get on the internet with it. You
probably think now the nerd is telling you porkies. Be a little patient and follow the story. You’ll know afterwards why it’s worth it to make website more attractive with SEO 3.0 for search engines and users, and why traditional SEOptimisation often even misses the point of search engine optimisation.

SEO3.0 – Or: how even bald people get excited for combs

The man the nerd admires until today and considers as the originator of search engine optimisation 3.0 was called Comb Paul by everyone. The nerd didn’t know his real name either. For Comb Paul was a market merchant in the town the nerd grew up in. Always Saturdays Comb Paul was standing on the market place, in boiling sun, in any wind and weather. Comb Paul didn’t need a lot of space for his stall. The product he was selling was not very original either, but was rather something unnoticeable in everyday life.
You’ve probably guessed it already: yes, Paul sold combs. The simple ones made out of wood; the ones with thin or thick teeth. A small collection of combs. Very straightforward.

Search engine optimisation 3.0 builds up on your expertise

Nevertheless a huge group of people always, really always, surrounded the stall of Comb Paul. That was due to Comb Paul himself, of course. For how he sold his combs to any man or woman was just a sensation on its own.
First of all, Comb Paul always proved his vast expertise. With one glance he saw if anyone present used a cheap commercially produced comb. His diagnoses were alarming: he showed split hair cause by these criminal combs and exposed damaged scalps. But of course Comb Paul also knew how to treat these damages: with his combs, of course. Thanks to the by hand sawn comb teeth every combing of your hair is like a cure.

SEO 3.0.

With SEO 3.0 you will learn how this man might be interested in a comb

SEO3.0 stresses Social Media Marketing

With his charming nature he have all women the feeling they look even prettier with his combs. For Comb Paul was also something like style advisor. The women loved to have their hair draped by him, and he eagerly and sensitively braided and pinned the ladies’ hair for that.
Finally, he fixed the “work” with one of his combs and then presented the transformation. The result was breath-taking every time and all bystanders got the feeling to just have witnessed a miracle. The plain-Jane woman just a moment ago was the gleaming centre of attention all of a sudden that had to be applauded. A star was born.

A sense for good entertainment

But also children who don’t know much about vanity yet were enthused by Comb Paul straight away. He just put a piece of paper between the teeth of a comb and without having blinked twice the comb was transformed into a music instrument on which Comb Paul played the most recent hits. And everyone sang along.
Comb Paul hence was a brilliant entertainer, as well. He always had the right timing, played the right song at the right time, and knew when a joke is appropriate and when he had to tease somebody.
The customer was not only king for him, the customer was more for Comb Paul; the customer was a human for Comb Paul who he took serious and showed to how much he liked them.

SEO3.0 zeigt die Einmaligkeit Deiner Website auf

Und als wäre all das noch nicht genug, verkaufte der Kamm-Paule seine Kämme sogar an Männer mit Glatzen. Denn der Kamm-Paule war auch ein kluger Erfinder. Er hatte den Glatzen-Kamm erfunden – das war zwar im Grunde genommen nur ein ganz normaler Kamm.

Aber wenn der Kamm-Paule, selbst Träger einer Glatze, sehr überzeugend vorführte, wie er mit dem Rücken einer seiner Kämme in kreisenden, wohltuenden Bewegungen seine seiden glänzende Kopfhaut massierte, dann zückten immer ein paar der dabeistehenden Frauen begeistert ihre Portemonnaies, weil sie endlich ein originelles Geschenk für ihren Gatten gefunden hatten

SEO3.0 reveals the uniqueness of your website

And if that wasn’t enough Comb Paul sold his combs even to bald men. For Comb Paul was also a smart inventor.
He had invented the bald comb – which was basically just a normal comb.
But when Comb Paul, bald himself, presented very convincingly how he massaged his silky shining scalp with the back of one of his combs in circling, soothing movements, then a few women always pulled out their purses enthusiastically, because they have found an original present for their husbands. Traditional SEO wants to be clever, SEO3.0 is smart I hope you don’t dislike the nerd for his trick with the subtitles. It makes it easier for the nerd to explain the context of Comb Paul and SEO3.0. For the principles Comb Paul used to sell his combs to the general public are basically the same that build the basics for a useful and smart SEO, the SEO3.0:

  1. Comb Paul’s sell strategy: show damages by plastic combs
  2. SEO3.0 strategy: Away with old combs! The nerd checks the usability of
    your website. Does the web shop work? Do your customers find what they’re looking for? How long does your site take to load? With SEO3.0 the seo-nerd with his team of the Berliner SEO agency optimise the loading time and the handling of your shop or site. Errors irritating and disturbing crawlers get eliminated. These are all criteria that get your website on top of search engines.
  1. Comb Paul’s sell strategy: To put plain women into the centre of attention.
  2. SEO3.0 strategy: The nerd makes your website to a social happening. SEO3.0 extends your webpage into social media platforms.
    . With suitable, original campaigns you retain more links and accesses – in the most natural way: the curiosity and joy of humans for interesting things.
  1. Comb Paul’s sell strategy: Marketing of a comb as a music instrument.
  2. SEO3.0-Strategie: Der Nerd zeigt Dir, was in Deinen Produkten und Inhalten steckt. Guter Content ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg bei der Suchmaschinenoptimierung. Denn Suchmaschinen wollen vor allem das: Menschen zu Seiten führen, für die sie sich wirklich interessieren. Das gelingt nur, wenn die Inhalte auf Deiner Seite interessant und relevant sind. Genau deshalb optimiert SEO3.0 Ihr Content-Angebot.
  1. Verkaufstaktik des Kamm-Paule: Der Trick mit dem Glatzen-Kamm.
  2. SEO3.0 strategy: The nerd helps you to highlight the uniqueness of your products and your webpage. Often it is enough to look at the product just from another point of view for that. Like Comb Paul did with the bald comb.

SEO3.0 – Less costs, less risks

Traditional SEO is clever, but not intelligent. Traditional SEO knows that search engines assess the value of a site by how many times other sites link to this site, for instance. Traditional SEO hence makes sure of “link-building”, i.e. of as many links to your website as possible, so called backlinks. This is quite expensive. A really good link can cost you around 1000€ and more.
Your money is better invested in good content and SEO3.0. For buying links and other methods leading to an unnatural link-building can result in a Google Penalty. Your site will not show up on the higher ranks in the SERPs for a while and it will cost you a lot of effort to get back to the top.

This risk you minimise by SEOptimising your site with OnPage SEO in line with SEO3.0. Search engines want to help people to find interesting, relevant and unique sites, after all – and not ones that have many (purchased) links. SEO3.0 hence doesn’t act clever, but smart and gives people and machines what they’re looking for.

If Comb Paul had used traditional SEP he would’ve put up many signs on which you could’ve read how satisfied his customers were. But Comb Paul was smart. He ensured with his sell strategy that real people were standing at his stall that were served promptly and fast. Exactly that makes him a model for SEO3.0.

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