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SEO for MyTemple and WordPress

Gentle SEOptimisation for WordPress
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MyTemple - Wordpress Optimierung

The world of SEO tools, the On- and Offpage optimisation most people don’t associate with physicality. The nerd blossoms in the SEO world, but he didn’t believe either until recently, that his love for bits and bytes would lead him to the sensual sphere of Tantra massages one day. But then this beautiful woman showed up.

When SEO WordPress causes tense muscles

It was one of those days when hours were just flying by. The nerd had spent many hours in front of the computer and had solved the one or other tricky SEO WordPress problem. Then, in the evening, he felt that he had tense muscles in the neck area.

He just wanted to shut down his computer when suddenly the door opened and a very attractive woman entered the room. She didn’t say anything first, just looked at home and obviously knew what he needed then:

„I can help you to relax. But I have a problem as well, though.“

The nerd looked at her. She wasn’t only pretty, in her face there was something that you can only see rarely now: serenity, a kind of contentment and positive sentiment.

What problem could this woman possibly have? The nerd was excited to learn what it was. He didn’t get to ask her, however, because she approached him without hesitation, stood behind him, put her hands on his shoulders and started with skilful movements to massage his tense muscles gently. It was like pure magic.

How Google opens up its senses for SEO with WordPress

The gentleman, the nerd just happens to be, he finally wanted to know from the pretty lady how he could return the favour. She told him that she offers exclusive Tantra and Lomi Lomi massages in her temple.

Many women and men she had brought back to new spirits, but her powers failed her with her own website. Google and other search engines didn’t have any antennae for any offers for the mind and soul, as the site was quite neglected by the search engines.
Luckily, the nerd hadn’t shut down his computer yet. For then he could show the beautiful how he would get the search engines with his SEO arts to open up their senses for the SEO WordPress site of the masseuse.

Google appreciates WordPress when it gets gently treated with SEO

After first analyses it was clear quite quickly that the temple owner’s WordPress site needed a comprehensive SEO treatment and that this wouldn’t be done with one or two sessions to get rid of all the negative influences that have accumulated there over time. The only thing that could help her was “holistic” SEO.

Already the next day the nerd with his SEO agency Berlin started his work, corrected the semantic of the titles, optimised the keyword density, the meta-descriptions and page titles and, of course, improved the technical structure, outsourced inline styles. He also ensured a loss-free compression of pictures and renewed with SEO WordPress the site at many more places, until it made the same calm and content impression as its owner did.

The nerd still has tensions sometime anyhow, though. But he knows now at least, how and where he can get rid of them. And finally Google now appreciates the tender SEO WordPress of the masseuse as well, of course.