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WordPress-SEO: Lexoffice

WordPress SEO makes positive balance sheets
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Do you remember, back then at the Emperor’s times, when we had to walk 20 kilometers through the knee-deep snow to school with the slate under the arms? Back then when the cutler moved from house to house every month. Back then when in the kontors legions of accountants pored over countless bill books. Fortunately these days are over long ago. Today it is not only easier for schoolchildren and people with blunt scissors, but also for everyone who has to deal with accounting.

But not everything has become easier since then. Search engine optimization, for example, was much easier at Emperor’s times. It did not exist back then. In those days it was still enough, if your great offers and achievements got about in the local tavern and on the market place.

The inventors of Lexoffice also had to notice this. They had a great product on the market: accounting, invoicing and banking all in one. Even mobile! The optimally optimized office software – so the nerd loves it! Unfortunately, there was hardly anybody to witness it, because Google did care as much about Lexoffice as the Emperor carded about democracy and pacifism.


The seo-nerd as an auditor for WordPress SEO

A cry for help reached the seo-nerd’s open ears. Indeed the inventors of Lexoffice knew a lot about flow of funds statement, circulating assets and straight-line depreciation, but they had no clue why their ranking didn’t had a positive balance sheets in the SERPs. The soe-nerd adjusted his glasses, grabbed his tools, and took a closer look on Lexoffices debit and credit.

The debit-side was plain:

  • Top ranking
  • high usability
  • many conversions

Unfortunately the credit-side looked quite different:

  • several 404 errors
  • duplicate content
  • Landing pages for keywords without any search volume

Something had to be done here! But the solution was not accounting fraud, but WordPress SEO.


Operate in the black again with WordPress SEO

WordPress offers with several plugins some possibilities of search engine optimization. But a nerd like the seo-nerd knows a few other techniques to bring a WordPress page forward. After all you won’t get any far in proper accounting with just a pencil, a slip and a slide rule.

The seo-nerd first dusted the side map thoroughly. Because even if a black 404 at the end of a cash based accounting may be desirable, website visitors are rather less glad about this number. So get rid of the dead links. Equipped with a solid, calculated keyword set, the nerd continued with the setup of appropriate landing pages with unique content. And soon Lexoffice operated in the SERP-black.

Of course, the seo-nerd can’t get avoid his accounting. But he knows who to call on. And Google  now knows as well.