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A&TA Mobilfunk-Management

WordPress SEO für mobile communications
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SEO Wordpress für A&TA

Managers are in a similarly bad odour as politicians, bankers, or guys who collect the broadcasting charges. The seo-nerd however does not care for such generalizing prejudices (apart from the charges guy). So he then was very pleased when the mobile phone management A & TA contacted him to ask for WordPress SEO for their new website.

Together with his team of the Berlin SEO Agency, the nerd did not hesitate for a second. When it comes to the management of WordPress SEO, he and his team of the Berlin SEO agency are always motivated to the roots of their hair: “Tschakka!”

In WordPress SEO programming knowledge is trump

WordPress has grown from the small content manager for bloggers, who only occasionally post something, to an impressive content management system, into which shop systems can be effortlessly integrated and with which even large amounts of different content can be presented clearly and user-friendly. Since not everyone has HTML, CSS, PHP or other programming skills, there are several “Page Builder” or “Composer” offerings on the market that allow WordPress to be crafted to the desired page at will without any deeper knowledge .

With WordPress SEO Management that would not happen!

In his WordPress SEO, the seo-nerd uses such plugins, however, reluctantly and, if at all, picks them up gingerly. They have the crucial disadvantage that much that is important for the OnPage search engine optimization is only difficult and lng-winded to achieve. The seo-nerd therefore very much appreciated that the mobile phone managers of A & TA had consulted him before the launch of the new site. Thus, in close coordination with the mobile administrator, a suitable template could be selected and plugins could be installed, which are really useful and do not unnecessarily burden the site and thus slow down or in the worst case, even open security gaps.

SEO for WordPress requires no manager voodoo, but solid SEO know-how

Rich Snippets, Unique Content, Canonical Tags, CDN Server, Storytelling … – the technical gibberish of WordPress SEO is unfortunately just as good for blague as the usual manager claptrap in which words like “systemic”, “immanent” and of course the Well-liked “holistic” should not be missed. However, as a matter of fact, technical terms are of little use.

The seo-nerd is therefore reluctant to rely on such manager-Voodoo talk and instead relies on basic know-how. His WordPress SEO covers all areas of on-site SEO technology as well as content. Of course, the integration of social media marketing, geo-marketing, the page speed optimization and much more are also part of it. At the end of his WordPress SEO management for A & TA was a new page, which was easy to use and therefore performed excellently on Google. And such a success is exactly what the seo-nerd aims at when he exclaims: “Tschakka!”