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Typo3 SEO for sustainable changes
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Analyzing, identifying potentials, optimizing and sustainable changing is a passion. No, the seo-nerd does not speak of itself, but of its customer, the CPC AG.

For more than 20 years, the company has been working on change management advice with this passion: helping people and businesses to do their work better. When people, projects and organization go hand in hand, the way to a successful future is paved. This principle looked familiar to the seo-nerd and is best known from his own work. So he runs himself with his team enthusiastically into the Typo3 optimization of the website of the CPC AG.

Typo3 SEO Step 1: Revealing potentials

If you want to change, you must first analyze the status quo in order to find out where the (SEO) journey lead to. And so, not only the CPC AG but also the seo-nerd puts a comprehensive analysis at the beginning of each project. What are the strengths? How can they be used? What potential can be exhausted? On this basis, CPA AG helps its customers and the seo-nerd helps the CPC AG to make good groundwork even better.

Typo3 SEO Step 2: Cleaning up meta data and content

Meta data help search engines to understand and index a page better. Site titles and descriptions of the content of the site make it easier for users to find a page in the search engines, as Google and Co. evaluate this data and therefore know which search queries this page fits.

Here, too, there were clear parallels to the work of CPC AG. In their advisory services they set great value on structuring workflows and roll distributions and improving processes in the long term. Which departments are there? What is the hierarchy? And how are the tasks distributed? What is essential for companies also plays a decisive role in search engine optimization. After analyzing, the seo-nerd thus started to optimize the metadata of CPC AG. This made it possible to clearly define which page provides which content and which tasks it fulfills.

Typo3 SEO Step 3: Multilingualism

To be well-established internationally is very important for companies today. To be presented online this way also opens the possibility to be found not only nationally but also internationally. Here, the seo-nerd discovered further reserves for its Typo3 optimization. The existing English-language pages have been clearly defined, so that not only users can choose between two language variants, but the search engines can also clearly distinguish and index them.

Typo3 SEO Step 4: Local SEO

To be found not only on an international but also locall, an entry with Google My Business Profile is important. Local SEO is the magic word to appear in the Google Local Pack. As part of the search engine optimization, the seo-nerd implemented this marketing campaign for CPC AG, thus ensuring optimal local searchability.

An individual, sustainable approach is not only the basis for the work of CPC AG, but also for the seo-nerd. With these many similarities, CPC AG and the seo-nerd are simply a dream team!