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Let’s just assume you have a really classy high-tech house. Your house doesn’t only look great, but is also smart. Smart? How is that possible without a brain? Just think of a smart home hub that you can control over your smartphone, regardless if it the blinds, heating, lights and other devices. When you get home and you want to get comfy you can set the right scene before even arriving there. So once again, your house is smart and knows what you need: light in the darkness, sun during the day, heat on the stove and a system that knows who enters and leaves the house when.

Following situation: One day you get home and realise your house had gone complete bonkers. What now? You realise you won’t get out of this mess without any external help. In the darkness, you stumble over your furniture, your cooker, and the continuous rattling of the blinds costed you your last nerve. Even the neighbours notice that something is not right. They ring at the door and ask what is going on. Over your video intercom you try to inform them about your problems in the house but it shows the latest Snapchat photos of your friends instead.

So what is a smart house and security system good for if it doesn’t work properly? This question the seo-nerd also asked himself and found a solution at SOSCOM for this chaos.

WordPress SEO for SOSCOM – all-around optimization for a secure performance


The call for help reached the seo-nerd in a really dark hour. SOSCOM’s security was in danger – numerous exits were exposed without protection to sneaking thieves. Police sirens shrilled out of the capital, but every single car drove past the building. Those who could make their way through the SERP forest left too quickly again without casting a closer look at it. The bounce rate spoke tales of volumes at that point.

Only equipped with a torch called WordPress SEO in the beginning, the nerd hit the road in the darkest darkness to have a look at the bustle at SOSCOM. When he got there, he didn’t really notice the building either. The existing technology was good, but…somewhere there was a problem and that wasn’t even of own making. A proper house-clean was in order! With his web design and programming tools the seo-nerd started his work.

After he gained access to the house (with any nasty tricks) he could start cleaning the smart content management system right away. Battered links and duplicate content were removed, the heavy dust was swept off the loading time bar and errors were eradicated. There was a lot right with the system, but also a lot wrong. A well-structured breadcrumb navigation had to be implemented, without leaving any crumbs. No sooner said than done: all of a sudden the blinds stopped rattling. A progress! But there was more to be done. Fed with an improved title structure the cooker and many alarm systems knew again what their actual purpose was. The Snapchat terror was also over! Having a clear view at the entrance again the nerd looked at the intercom screen. Who was that? He could only see a leg disappearing through the door!

The content desert gets flooded with WordPress SEO content

Now it was time for his secret weapon! Loaded with content and Rich Snippets he tiptoed through the corridor, hell-bent to stop the snooper who wanted to take advantage of the defencelessness SOSCOM. In ducked position and looking around watchfully he went up the stairs to the second floor. There everything was still completely dark. Only the shadow of the stranger was even darker. The seo-nerd spinned around and threw a load of search engine optimisation towards the saboteur – unfortunately for nothing. A Rich Snippet hit the light switch, though, and the invisible revealed itself.

The nerd took a big swing with the club and sent the troublemaker off through informative blog articles and optimised homepages into the land of dreams. Now the smart house could show off its cleverness again. The lovely sound of the triggered alarm system called the police who could arrest the perpetrator. The reporter Faith Book also gave a thumbs-up afterwards and praised the functional house with the words: “I like!” Many fans followed her example, while SOSCOM awaits a secure future.