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ShavePoint trades with “Proctor&Gamble” products online; since our search engine optimisation the number of customers has exploded and at the same time the turnover of the optimised website has increased, as well.

SEO Ranking

Company: ShavePoint
CMS: Jimdo

We, as serious SEO agency from Berlin

…mainly focus on the ranking on Google.
When we can obtain desired results there and also keep them we proceed to the next instance and concentrate on all other search engines. All Google competitors together don’t even make it to 8% (yeah right, eight) of all search requests, only a fraction of Google’s number of queries.

When a website like ShavePoint is supposed to be standing a chance to be in the top 5 with extremely competitive keywords and generally high competition, then it is not enough to SEoptimise the website with new algorithms “just like that”; the campaigns have to be adjusted to new search algorithms and visitor behaviour, all the time, no matter where, for receiving a respective search engine ranking.
The SEO nerd of the SEO agency Berlin knows what he has to do. And he’s got his principles of course: let me trough, I am the nerd – he’ll also get the desired success in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for your homepage.

For SEO is more than just a quick optimisation in a few phrases. Search engine optimisation requests continuous work. Here and there refining texts and of course sprinkling backlinks all over the internet belong to the foundation of a sustainable search engine optimisation. Following the motto “A nerd knows what to do”, you can get comfortable in front of your computer, being on top of Google.
The Seo Nerd just takes care of the optimisation and then comes riding on the back of your website from page 10 all the way to the top. *yeeehaaaw*