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SEO for Two Tickets

With SEO Consulting to the SERP loge
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Twotickets Seo Consulting

SEO Betreuung für TwoTickets

Now the nerd has learned something again: from time to time one has to be forced to his fortune. And that’s what happened: As usual, the seo-nerd was still sitting in his Berlin SEO agency in the evening, when a friendly gentleman called for SEO Consulting for his website. Of course not tonight, the gentleman underlined immediately. He wanted to go to an event right away. So they both arranged an initial SEO Consulting for the next days. Immediately after the phone call the nerd looked at the website to be optimized and knew instantly that he had probably missed something so far.

Control changes on a website better with SEO Consulting

The idea of ​​ impresses at first glance. The site is, on the one hand, an event calendar for almost all major cities in Germany, as well as a platform for free tickets, a portal on which there are plenty of tickets for concerts, exhibitions, parties, etc.

The events are reviewed on the site by the guests themselves, as Amazon customers do with the articles purchased there. Just reading these reviews made the nerd feel like moving back to the cinema, the theatre or another event.

Accordingly motivated the seo-nerd went to the first date. The framework for SEO Consulting was quickly developed. The makers of TwoTickets had developed the software for the event calendar and the card drawing themselves and were therefore technically well versed. That’s why they recognized the value of continuous SEO Consulting.

On such a large portal as TwoTickets, there are always some construction sites. The resulting changes naturally also influenced Google’s ranking. Particularly in the case of OnPage SEO, there is a lot to consider in terms of technology as well as the content and thus sufficient material for a SEO Consulting by the seo-nerd and his team of the Berlin Online Marketing and SEO agency.

Recognizing problems and solutions through SEO Consulting

As for any SEO Consulting, the seo-nerd naturally had a detailed SEO analysis of the site before the first interview with his SEO tools and therefore lots of suggestions for improvements in the luggage. Thus, from the very first date, a kind of SEO workshop was organized in a small circle with the possibility to clarify also difficult questions about the search machine optimization in a direct discussion.

Since both sides understood each other well, it was agreed not to leave it with a one-time SEO Consulting, but to a long-term SEO care.

Up to date with SEO Consulting

Such a long-term commitment is especially beneficial in search engine optimization. Finally, Google changes with updates its algorithm as regularly as the nerd changes his clothes. In order to be well-prepared, the seo-nerd also includes a strategic consulting that helps to secure long-term ranking success on the SERPs.

As with any job, however, the nerd also learned something from SEO Consulting for TwoTickets. He became a member of TwoTickets and since then he has regularly participated in the ticket lottery on the site. The first time he was lucky and won tickets for a show with singing waiters, trapeze artists, comedians and even a 4-course menu from a star cook.

And of course, the nerd could also take a companion with him – after all, the name says it all at TwoTickets. And the motto “The city is outside” is also well chosen. At least the was moved to dance more often by his membership. To be happy one must sometimes be pushed gently in the right direction. This is exactly the motto of the SEO Consulting by the seo-nerd and his team of the Berlin SEO agency.