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Axel Springer

SEO Content for Lesershop24
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Even the great ones need help now and again. And true greatness is asking for help. So the seo-nerd was very happy when a certain Axel Springer (or his successors) knocked on his virtual door and asked for SEO consulting for the portal Lesershop24.

Reading also works without paper – SEO Consulting for online media

Not much had to be said about BILD and BILD am SONNTAG. And not only Berliners are familiar with the BZ. Everyone knows the big daily newspapers from the house of Axel Springer – whether they like it or not. But just the controversy is one of the hallmarks of these newspapers. Lesershop24 also makes these print media available online. But what sells well at the kiosk does not automatically work just as well on the internet. But fortunately there is the seo-nerd, which with its SEO consulting reveals small and large areas needing improvement and sets a renovation plan.

In the beginning was the word

No one would read a newspaper in without any content. The fact that online content is important is hardly surprising. So the seo-nerd first started to polish up the content of Lesershop24, so that not only the readers, but also the search engines go on it. Keywords, Titles, Headlines – with the right eye and the right handles, new potentials were created quickly.

With the nerdy SEO consulting the Lesershop24 wants to enter Google’s page 1. And who knows, perhaps the seo-nerd will make it cover one time – or would you rather see him on page 3?