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Poi Lei – Shopify

Success in Google SERPs from quality Shopify SEO
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The seo-nerd could make many experiences already, but manufacturing seven-league boots for constant SERP success of SEO Shopify – that was new to him. But he couldn’t reject the woman’s request, who had entered his office wearing extravagant court shoes: “I am a shoe designer and allow myself to claim that I make shoes how women want them. But a suitable pair of seven-league boots for the optimised ranking success on Google is still missing in my collection.” The seo-nerd promised to help and could already picture the boots …

Bespoke SERP success from quality SEO Shopify

Like with any other job, the seo-nerd with his team of the Berliner SEO Agency first had a good look at the website of the Berliner ladies’ shoe label Poi Lei. The name sounds a bit exotic, but is Italian and means “now it’s her turn”. In accordance with this motto the Poi Lei online shop offers selected and limited collections of courts, ankle boots and boots, inspired in Berlin, manufactured in Europe.

As straightforward as the business model the expectations of Poi Lei were regarding the aims of the SEO Shopify for the site. The traffic was to be increased the bounce-off rate in the checkout to be lowered and of course the relevant keywords were to be improved for the ranking on the SERPs, as well. In order to recognise how these aims can be targeted the seo-nerd first of all booted his SEO tools. HE determined fast what could be done in terms of Onpage SEO possibilities:

  • Combining the HTML and CSS source code files
  • Optimising the site map
  • Loss-free compression of pictures
  • …and many more…

Where the shoes doesn’t quite fit with SEO Shopify

Shopify is a shop system from Canada that can be used as POS as well as online. It is suitable particularly for smaller shops with a manageable stock. The Canadians made the SEO easier by an intuitive editing of important SEO criteria, such as title tags, meta-descriptions or URL. But when only using those SEO standards, you won’t really get far. SEO Shopify also demands Offpage SEO efforts to be done by yourself.

Especially, sought-after and competitive keyword areas like shoes and fashion need additional marketing efforts, in order to attract attention. For this exact reason the seo-nerd made an agreement with Poi Lei to make Facebook ads as well to increase the customer circle with this social media seeding. After the first push, success revealed itself, which however is not long-lived with SEOptimised Shopify. After all, the fashion branch is so competitive, that SEO Shopify is a task demanding permanent efforts.