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Pacifier chain store

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SEO JTL pacifier chain store

The parcel with the unusual content came through the post just like any other. It was a pacifier chain with pearls and dice with letters that formed the term SEO JTL.
Nobody was expecting any offspring in the nerdiest SEO agency of the capital. Anyhow, the seo-nerd could already guess what this meant, though.Admittedly, the riddle could be solved with the letter that came with it. The parcel was sent by the programmers of the pacifier chain store. In their JTL shop you can buy anything from craft materials, and accessories like pacifier chains, toys and buggy chains. Many young mothers and fathers who want to put something personal for their little one into their stroller love this shop.

SEO JTL pacifier chain store

SEO JTL brings joy to everyone!

This love wasn’t shared, however, by Google, unconditionally. As much as the site has already been tinkered with, the search engines didn’t like the affectionately handcrafted SEO JTL chains of the shop that much and ignored the site. The Berlin SEO pros weren’t surprised by that. Google is, after all, already grown out of the toddler age and asks for more complex toys.

The basis for SEO JTL is OnPage SEO techniques

Therefore the seo-nerd, metaphorically speaking, untied the existing chain right from the beginning. For Google a more elaborate search engine optimization has to be produced. The JTL shop system provides a module for search engine optimization, but it is not enough for sustainable rankings. For the page to learn how to get in the upper rank with Google distinct step were required:

  • Optimization of the technical structure
  • Correction of the source code files
  • Avoidance of duplicate content
  • Optimization of URL redirections
  • Outsourcing of inline styles
  • Optimization of the internal link structure
  • Generating 404 error pages and their inclusion
  • …and many more JTL Optimization measures

SEO JTL by the nerd also banks on social signals

Only sites that load fast have a chance at all to be visited. Users are impatient creatures. If they have to wait they bid farewell in most cases, before they even looked at the content. Hence, the seo-nerd always uses another technique first. On the other hand there is no point in having a fast site if the content is not right. The contents have to match the keywords that lead to the site. A thorough keyword analysis, therefore, also belongs to the SEO JTL and an SEO strategy tailored to the target group.

To increase visibility in the net the nerd recommends going for social signals. Google recognizes contents that are interesting for users, among other things from posts and likes on social networks. For the pacifier chain shop, the nerd hence created individual social marketing campaigns that would leverage the fan community of the crafts specialist, and also push the site forward in rankings.

At the end of his SEO JTL for (pacifierchains) there was one special task left for the seo-nerd: the crafting of a chain for the pacifier chain shop with the letter sequence: “…optimized with <3 by seo-nerd®“.