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Speaking of ghosts, do you see any now and then? No? Goblins? Gnomes? Trolls? Nothing? Other magical creatures? Nope? Well. Then have a look at the seo-nerd‟s story and his online marketing for NoteEins®. Then you will see the invisible, just pay attention!

Invisible. That surely sounds exciting for you, as well. To be invisible, you could imagine that, couldn‟t you? Are you already thinking who you would stalk up on when invisible? Forget about it! You‟re on the wrong road here! Invisibility is nothing you should wish for. In truth it is only a nasty, little bastard. It takes everything you work and fight for. Invisibility is predestined for the role as a villain.
You don‟t believe this? Then please think about what it really means. First think of the visible. The computer you are sitting at, the smartphone or tablet you are reading these lines on, all visible things. If they were invisible you could neither see them nor these lines. But they‟d be still there. In theory, you could be holding an invisible smartphone in your hands but you could not use it. This is the one exact problem with invisibility. It drags everything into nothing. As if the things didn‟t exist although they do. Spooky.

Online Marketing and the eternal fight for visibility

Online Marketing to improve visibilityAdmittedly, this was a long introduction. But at least now you understand why the seo-nerd and his team in the Berliner SEO agency did not hesitate for one moment, when they recently got a call from Munich and were asked to gear out their SEO Ghostbuster equipment.
NoteEins® formulated the request a bit differently but in principle this was what it was getting at. The entrepreneurs from Munich place private tutors. These either go to students‟ homes directly or can also teach online on Skype. The highlight with this is that especially other students act as the tutors.Hence there is no big gap between the tutor and tutee. This makes learning easier. The success in school with NoteEins® tuition is speaking for itself, after all.
While the third party recommendations via word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM) was functioning well some ghosts and goblins blatantly made trouble on the Munich website. They stopped the online marketing of the site from being visible on Google. From experience the seo-nerd knows that online marketing ghosts like to pretend being keywords. They lead one to believe that they attract users and guarantee a high ranking in SERPs. As a matter of fact, though, these shabby, mean goblins don‟t have anything better to do than forcing all sites and domains into invisibility. But this calculation they made without the nerd and his online marketing with the SEO Ghostbuster method.

Online Marketing with the SEO Ghostbuster method

Search engine optimizers are said to exist that whistle the Ghostbuster melody to detect online marketing ghosts. The seo- nerd whistles the melody sometimes as well. Though, that doesn‟t do anything for online marketing, the melody just sticks with you. Just admit it, you can‟t get it out of your head right now anymore either, right? Other SEOs put their backlink cannonballs on these small filthy buggers; just only with the effect to shot down the entire domain.
The SEO Ghostbuster method of the nerd completely banks on literal keyword research first. It is the basis for the kind of online marketing that using storytelling, content marketing and especially a good portion of unique content to eradicate these grim online marketing ghosts. The result of SEO done by the nerd was, in the case of NoteEins®, more visibility for the domain and as a consequence a ranking in SERPs to live up to the performance of the site.