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SEO WordPress für MCS

Let‟s assume you hear the word “nerd” somewhere. Are you thinking of the loser version of a one-track specialist then? It‟s okay, just go ahead. Admit it, you are just imagining a spectacled weakling with extraordinary computer skills. That you‟re being completely wrong with this is needless to say, right? Be careful , you just don‟t know the story of the SEO WordPress, the seo-nerd and the secret of the second skin, yet!

With a second skin, the seo-nerd has been thinking for a long tim, there is an issue: never interested me, still doesn‟t interest me and either won‟t care about it in future. Now the nerd doesn‟t know, of course, what you think a second skin is. For him it was always just another name for fashion. If you imagine now, what a disgusted face the nerd used to pull when hearing this word and nudged his glasses up his nose, then you‟ve chose the right moment for this sterotyped image. But the nerd wouldn‟t have ended up in the optimization branch if he didn‟t know that it‟s never too late to improve oneself. That fashion is a lot more than a dressed up schmear for clothes the nerd realized, no surprise there, via SEO WordPress.

SEO WordPress for the maker of a second skin

SEO WordPress M.C.S.Have you ever notices that most stories begin with someone coming through a door or you are being called by someone? Okay, of course there are stories in which you stumble across a corpse (and only then someone walks through your door or calls you somebody to tell someone else about it). But luckily this is not one of these stories. This is one of the starts- with-a-call-story. So a person is calling who introduces himself as an employee of the textile printing company Multicolorshirt based in Berlin and asks for SEO WordPress for his site. Pretty unspectacular, so far.


As you can‟t expect anything else of members of the fashion industry, the site‟s first impression was quite promising: a well-made choice of pictures, a clear structure for the user and also text regarding the products and services on offer. The crawlers of Google, however, didn‟t like the data material apparently. They prefer to lead the competitors of this likeable printing company in the top ranks of the SERPs. The seo-nerd is supposed to change this with his SEO WordPress pretty please. For this, he hasn’t to be convinced first, of course. The nerd always has time to feed little, cute Google- bots with ranking boost goodies.


But search engine optimization in WordPress works like this: Without a decent OnPage SEO you won’t be listed on top by Google. And OnPage SEO can be split into two fields: the technical aspects and the content. While with the technical part it doesn’t really matter what‟s on the page (it’s a bit exaggerated but this way the nerd gets to the point faster), you should deal with the content on the page. And that means for the nerd in this case, that he has to get involved with the world of fashion, trendy t-shirts, sweatshirts and other fashion knick-knack. When he realized that he once again pulled that face you’ve imagined earlier.

SEO with WordPress works when users and Google understand the contents

And since you already are picturing things in your head, just imagine also a guy with a monocle, moustache and boiler who is browsing the Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Harpers Bazar with awe. Now you‟re in for a surprise, no? Yes, that‟s the nerd at work, to be more precise working at the SEO WordPress for the mentioned textile printing company. And as he is skimming through the issues, and looks at the pictures and tries to get his mind around this fashion world, the nerd still just doesn‟t get it. Just no. Not at all. Nada! He just doesn‟t get what it‟s all about!

Of course, it can stay like that. Because for SEO WordPress you need to understand what things on a site are about. How else are you able to proive the user with an added value? There are many SEO tools that help with keyword research, for instance, but the right keyword setting is very dependent on a deep understanding. Because which words people are using to find something you can only grasp when you know a topic very well. So the nerd gets in contact with the printing company and explains the issue he is having to them. Together the seo-nerd and Multicolorshirt find a solution. To put the nerd into a proper fashion craze a few boys and girls of the company take him with them on a tour through the coolest clubs of Berlin. Of course in a suiting outfit. For every new club the nerd is put in a different one. Just to accelerate the learning effect.


The night that follows cannot be described with words. Sexy. Despicable. Wild. But also touching and magical. Just let the pictures run through your head. And just to give you some input for this just imagine a nerd with high plateau shoes. And also with a latex piece you‟re not far off. Something with tiger print? Sure! Wigs? A lot of them and in all colors! T-Shirts, shirs, skirts, pants – a nerd on fashion frenzy does not miss out on anything. And at the end of this clubbing tour the nerd finally lifts the secret of fashion. It really is like a second skin. With fashion you can be whoever you want to be. Fashion means self-definition, autonomy, and as a result of that enjoyment of life. To be able to reinvent oneself over and over again and still to be the same. Self-evidently the nerd could get the site of the textile printers in the top ranking with this WordPress. But let‟s get back to you. What do you think now when you hear the word nerd?