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SEO Magento – this time for the king

Search Engine Optimization tor the Carton King with Magento
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Seo Kartonkoenig

OnPage Optimierung Kartonkönig

The fact that royalty doesn’t get any privileges on the net – the “Carton King” of the Magento kingdom – had to learn grievously. For his customers, he’d offered individual packaging options on the marketplace of his website town for a long time. He always made sure of good service and fair prices. But somehow neither merchants nor other market visitors seemed to find the kingdom. As though enchanted of a dragon everyone avoided the kingly Magento court.What seemed more reasonable than to hire an expert? Thus, the Carton King announces that he was looking for a noble warrior who could free the marketplace from the curse of lacking visitor numbers. He sent his best men off into all directions and ordered them not to set foot into his carton kingdom again if they haven’t searched every SEO agency in Germany. Further he announced that the person who would bring him back a true nerd for the OnPage search engine optimization of his site would be allowed to live in the castle upon his return, and wouldn’t have to worry about a thing anymore. Thus, the determined set off.

From the Magento kingdom to the SEO agency

After only a few months, the first delegates arrived at online marketing agencies in Hamburg, soon enough in Cologne and SEO agencies in Munich, as well. They visited numerous SEO firms and met many talented marketing experts, but nobody had encountered the nerd. Hence, they made their way to the capital, to the Berliner SEO agencies. Hoping to see the Carton King of the Magento kingdom happy in the end was omnipresent. After many conversations about search engine optimisation they arrived at a red bricked building with an old big door.

It was late, they were tired and hungry and they knew that this would be the last SEO firm they’d visit on that day. But what did their fartravelled eyes witnessed there: the company’s sign next to the entrance door: the pink logo of the seo-nerd. They already anticipated that their long journey had finally paid off. Everyone was relieved and got along well with the seo-nerd straight away. The mood was only in jeopardy to switch once, in that moment, when the nerd asked the esquires why they hadn’t googled for an SEO agency in Berlin, because then they’d come across the seonerd at an instance. The next morning, after everyone had rested and recovered, the nerd packed up his essentials only and hurried to help the King of Magento.

Soon it was clear, what happened to the internet routes of the Carton kingdom: with the website analysis compass the nerd could find the overgrown roads to the online shop of the Carton King, but they were obstructed with complicated coding and misleading keyword signposts. Additonally, a huge dragon was hiding in the bushes, continuously spitting new session IDs like fireballs at the various search engine bots. This confused and frightened the poor bots, so that they wandered off without unique texts with added value and other information.

Knightly SEO in the CMS Magento

With the SEO sword in his hand the seo-nerd first freed the way and put up new keyword signposts for the bots. After he tamed the coding dragon with SEOptimised treats, he didn’t nibble on the good source code anymore, but on the session IDs irritating the bots. As soon as the internet routes of other websites to the marketplace of the Carton King were open and secure again, the shop could rejoice in new visitors and great conversion rates, rather quickly. The ruler of the Magento shop was very satisfied with the fast and effective search engine optimisation by the nerd. As acknowledgement for his good work he even dedicated the nerd a poem. So he spoke:

Now the guests shall numerously come, and have a look at how the king their needs fulfils.
Bots and customers are all welcome here, so that the trade will now succeed.

The optimised eminence was even so extraordinarily thrilled, that he knighted the seo-nerd spontaneously: “Lord Nerd of SEO”. Happy and content about the mutual adventure in the Carton kingdom, he returned to his Berliner SEO Agency full of pride, locked his SEO weapons up and anticipated the next SEO adventure, full of joy.