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Quaint Joomla SEO
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SEO Joomla für Farbdesign Berlin

For SEO Joomla you have to have fine senses. For Joomla sometimes acts up like a true diva, at least the CMS overreacts sometimes when something doesn’t quite go to plan, and as a result Google does as well, then. Farbdesign, an experienced Berliner painting company, had to make the exact same experience. The search engines just didn’t like the quite alright looking homepage that much.
How the site had to be designed in order to look good was obvious to Farbdesign right from the beginning. The colours harmonised with each other, all elements were well-sized and also the art of leaving things out to highlight the relevant stuff was done quite skilfully. But all that did not impress Google.

Joomla SEO

Joomla SEO für einen Malerbetrieb

In the SERPs the website just didn’t make it to the top. As Farbdesign didn’t make any progress despite their expertise in the art of design, the painters eventually approached the seo-nerd with his team of the Berliner SEO agency with the request to do a search engine optimisation Joomla.

SEO Joomla is all about spoiling

The seo-nerd had fought with the stubborn diva many a time and therefore could guess pretty fast what the issue was with the site causing it not to go up the search engine rankings. As SEO Joomla truly is a diva it loves to be pampered with all the Berliner SEO arts there are. Of course, only after making sure it is all entirely to her liking. Joomla always wants to stay in control and know what is done with her.
Hence, the seo-nerd unpacked his SEO tools very carefully at first, gave the technical structure of the site a manicure, corrected source codes, outsourced inline styles and ensured with his SEO Joomla that the diva was able to relax more and more. Spoiled like that, the site gained more and more trust in the Berliner SEO arts of the nerd and let him proceed with his Onpage SEO technology, the loading time optimisation and further treating SXO and SEO 3.0 measurements that made the site faster for users as well as Google and other search engines. Additionally, it ensured that the structure is distinguishable and focused on relevancy.

SEO Joomla takes character

One didn’t have to wait long for the result of the SEO Joomla treatment. Due to the corrected keywords the right search requests finally led to the website. Using Rich Snippets, additional information could already be read on the SERP which minimised the bounce-off rate and drew exactly those people Farbdesign desired: customers.
It was also a beneficial experience for the seo-nerd. SEO Joomla may be a diva you don’t always have it easy with. But as with all other divas: beauty gains with such special features. Everyone can be pretty, but character makes attractive!