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WordPress Optimization for Graef Alarmanlagen

When wanting to protect yourself from thieves you have to learn first to think like a thief
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Although the seo-nerd sensed something bad might happen reading this sentence, he didn’t hesitate to take up this SEO WordPress challenge, as well.

The SERPs from Google are a darn insecure area after all, as the security technicians of Graef Alarm Systems had to learn as well. They were cut out of ranking places all the time. As they didn’t know how to close the security gap the alarm systems specialists hired the seo-nerd. “Before we let you on our site with your SEO WordPress you have to grasp first what we actually do”. That sounded so benign that the nerd was happy to agree to follow a security technician of Graef Alarm System to work.

A SEO WordPress chat at speed 200

Wordpress SEO for Graef Alarmanlagen

Secure ranking with WordPress SEO

The first lesson in security matters the seo-nerd got told during the drive to the first customer appointment. A raffle decided who was to go with Smithy. Smithy was probably in his mid-30s, had a full beard and initially a facial expression as if he took the bad SERP rankings of his company personally. Accordingly abruptly he muttered: “SEO WordPress? What’s that supposed to be?”

The tone of his voice suggested without any doubts that he expected the nerd to deliver. Hence the SEO talked about the search engine’s hunger for well-made sites. “Details”, Smithy gnarled, while he skilfully raced down through gaps between cars on the jammed A100 towards Potsdam. It was obvious that Smithy was a man who exactly knew what he wanted and better not beat about the bush with.

Thus, the nerd explained him in rough, but precise outlines the differences between Onpage and Offpage SEO, conveyed him a feeling for the value of content marketing and didn’t forget to mention the cleverness of Local SEO.

Smithy recognises the true value of SEO WordPress

The nerd would have liked to explain, why Rich Snippets, the Flesch Index or Responsive Design are also important factors for being successful with SEO WordPress, But there was no time for that. Smithy drove so fast that he was already parking up the car in front of a villa in Potsdam. He turned off the motor and turned to the nerd: “Alright! Your SEO WordPress is something like an anti-burglary protection guarantee.” He looked at the nerd pervasively, so that he felt like having to add: “…when you have secured a house, nobody gets in there anymore. Just like out search engine optimisation for WordPress saves sites of getting out of the SERPs?”

“Exactly”, the driver gnarled and waved with a wallet in front of the nerd’s nose. The nerd recognised it immediately. It was his wallet. “Lesson one”, Smithy said, “always have an eye and even better a hand on your valuables. You always have to be alert that someone might want to take something away from you. And now I’d like you to…”, he pointed at the villa with the wallet in his hand, in front of which the car was parked, “try to break into it.”

Spider-Man couldn’t have done it any better

At first, the seo-nerd thought misheard it. Disbelievingly he repeated what Smithy had said. And then the sentence was dropped that was mentioned in the very beginning. When wanting to protect against thieves, you have to learn to think like one. “You will get back your wallet if you try it at least.” Beneath Smithy’s full beard the nerd believed to have discovered a kind of smile. But it wasn’t the suddenly budding charisma that made the nerd do it. Smithy ensured him that they were only there to test the installed Graefe alarm system of the villa.

The nerd got out of the car and walked around the villa. Like with his SEO WordPress it couldn’t be a bad idea to find out the lie of the land. He felt like a Google bot checking if the HTTPS is really working without a doubt. You couldn’t see anything from the street. He had to get closer. A park was adjacent to the house, with tall hedges. When he was sure that nobody was watching him the nerd took an encouraged leap. In Spider-Man style he softly landed on the lawn of the villa. “Made it”, the nerd thought in the first moment and in the next “bugger”.

“Without SEO WordPress the devil takes the hindmost”

In this case the devils were two Dobermans, incredibly big and fast. They came running and bared their teeth aggressively. As a smart SEO WordPress specialist the nerd had expected that attack. After all social media marketing belongs to it. On his smartphone the nerd checked the villa owner’s Facebook page and learnt about the dogs on there. Luckily the net also provided him with a digital dog whistle. Apparently the nerd immediately found the right tone. The two Dobermans stopped abruptly, looked at the nerd confused for a moment and then ran back to where they had come from. “There you go again”, the seo- nerd said happily and preceded to the villa, “barking dogs don’t bite”.

In the exaltation of success the seo-nerd slowly approached the villa. Like a Google bot scans through the subpages of a domain he examined every window and door. Maybe he was lucky and one of them was opened. But nothing seemed to be. Hence the only option left was to give up. He wouldn’t be able to get into the house without someone noticing. No chance. Just when he turned his back to the house and wanted to make his way back through the hedge, someone behind him opened the patio door and applauded. The nerd took a deep breath. He got caught. At the last strike. When he turned around not the house owner was standing there though, but Smithy himself. And Smithy applauded not only him, now his smile was obvious.

Website boosting with the SEO WordPress by the seo-nerd

“Well done! You didn’t make into the house. But you made a thought-through attempt. And it was also a good thing that you didn’t want to force yourself in. You’re obviously someone who completes his tasks with reason and patience. I like that. I’ll just speak on behalf of the team now: We would be delighted if you help us with our WordPress with your search engine optimisation.”

The nerd didn’t need to be told twice. He was glad that he didn’t have to do any more tests. He could also do without learning how to think like a thief. He thought like an SEO specialist and that obviously doesn’t only help him with website boostings, but also in everyday life. Although…to secure the security company top ranking spots, the seo-nerd gloated over like a thief over his spoil…