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Gaesteliste030 – ASP.NET SEO

SEO for the Berliner event portal
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SEO für Gästeliste030

The nerd has to make a confession at this point: he can’t dance. But he loves wiggle-your- bum music! With mixed feelings he hence went to the meeting he got invited to by the founders of the Berliner party and event portal Gaesteliste030. And then what was bound to happen, happened: his moves were asked for. Luckily but only those rhythms of ASP.NET SEO with which he planned to get the search engines vibrating.

Although ASP.NET as web framework in combination with C is the second most common programming language for creating websites, it only is used for about 19% of all websites (over 80% use PHP). The nerd and his SEO agency in Berlin were glad therefore, that they could finally apply their accumulated ASP.NET SEO knowledge again.

Competent advice for ASP.NET SEO

Additionally, on a portal that because of their excellent social media marketing was well known to all employees. After all, Gaesteliste030 does not only inform on their own website about parties and events in a clear overview, but also has a well-maintained Facebook page, informing on free entry raffles and other incentives making the portal ever so popular. The site could achieve a pleasant number of visitors so far, for that reason. But something that’s good already can of course still be improved.

In order to establish what can be improved on the site to get search engines more in the party mood of Gaesteliste030 in future, the nerd with his team unpacked some SEO tools, building the basis for his competent ASP.NET SEO:

  • Were the URLs search engine optimised?
  • Were the meta-descriptions okay?
  • Was there any duplicate content on the site?
  • What was the state of “sitemap.xml” and “robots.txt”?
  • What was the output of the Google Webmaster Tools?

ASP.NET SEO consulting is like dancing

The answers for these and a few other questions lead to complete overall picture, eventually. Only then, the nerd developed a strategy for his search engine optimization in ASP.NET, so that the search engines would put the site also on their guest list in future.

And of course the nerd has also learnt something since then: it is not important, whether one can dance or not. You only have to have the guts and just do it. Then you will get better step-by-step eventually. In other words: Dancing is basically quite similar to search engine optimization for ASP.NET – both is done successfully, when one takes enough time for it and is prepared to improve oneself step-by-step.