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SEO Contao for the front runner team
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Frontrunner Maennchen Neu 1

When Front Runner started with a motivated team the design of the website was up for discussion as well. And while the Front Runner can be found linguistically in numerous regions of the world on a daily basis, the World Wide Web remained almost completely untouched. The presence of the homepage seemed as far as an alien galaxy. Mouth-to- mouth propaganda resulted in good orders, but the capacity of the expert team for world languages had not been exploited to the maximum yet. And therefore the Front Runner radioed to the nerd in the SEO agency Berlin whether anything could be done concerning this.

SEO – More than word for Mr. Google

“For sure!” the nerd exclaimed. SEO from Berlin is also international, hence also suitable for translation bureaus. There was a good basis with the Contao Open Source CMS Front Runner had made since the SEO for Contao is integrated due to free accessibility and various functions. Similarly to the preceding TypoLight. this CMS also offers sustainable SEO in Contao.

Suitable texts are no real obstacles for the pros of a translation bureau. But the nerd wouldn’t be the nerd if he didn’t know further optimization possibilities rather fast. With the right tools from the SEO agency at hand the nerd could turn to fine-tuning pretty quickly that meant a climb up in the SERPs “keypress-by-keypress”.

Contao SEO for speech-worldbummers

Of course, since the collaboration with the Nerd’s SEO agency, the front runner runs with his high-quality translations exactly where he belongs: at the front of the search engine results. And should you miss the words in a foreign language, the motivated team is certainly just as much help as the nerd (with his SEO from Berlin) was for the front runner.