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SEO for Deutsche-Garantieversicherung

Contao SEO for the web site of the insurance
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Seo Contao Dgv

OnPage-SEO für die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Garantieversicherungen

A pessimist notoriously chooses the third option of two bad things. The nerd can’t do with negative thoughts like that. He prefers to tackle things directly and to optimize them. When he got a phone call from DGV he was being skeptical at first. Insurances live from prophecies of doom, after all, he thought. But it was about something else: SEO Contao for the web site of the insurance. That was exactly his thong of course and in the end he was also to learn that insurances and SEO are more similar than previously thought.

SEO Contao secures good rankings with Google and Co.

In comparison with other content management systems Contao is treated a bit shabby. While WordPress offers a solution for almost every problem due to its huge community and Typo3 comes along so powerful that also highly complex tasks can be mastered, Contao appears to be of second class with its manageable community size. But this impression is deceptive. In comparison, it is small but mighty.

Fine tuning for SEO Contao by the seo-nerd

Especially competitor analysis was revealing for the highly competitive insurance market. In combination with the keyword analysis, it was clear quite quickly that quite a few texts have to be optimised. The Onpage SEO by the seo-nerd went even further, though. As in many cases, the site had to be made to load faster, first. After all, slow loading times are the most common reason why users bounce off. The higher the bounce rate, the higher the risk that Google ranks you badly for this.

To prevent getting a penalty the seo-nerd checked the backlinks within the framework of his SEO Contao strategy as well, of course. Many mistakes were made concerning them, unfortunately, although it’d been well-known for a while that Google checks the quality of links continuously by then.

Right SEO Contao is like an insurance to be ranked well by Google

After completing the SEO Contao work the seo-nerd could be pleased with fast ranking success on Google together with the insurance people. And as always when the nerd can do something for his customer he benefits from it as well. In this case it was the relaisation that insurances are quite similar to SEOptimisation basically.
For insurances do not live from doom-mongering, but from the good feeling that something bad can happen without any consequences. They make our lives more predictable. And that they have in common with SEOoptimisation. SEO Contao by the seo-nerd and his Berliner SEO agency is like an insurance for the risk of being ignored by Google and the other search engines. SEOoptimisation Contao contributes to making online sales more predictable.