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Daunendecke SEO Projekt

Dreamlike Magento SEO
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Seo Magento Daunendecke

SEO Magento Daunedecke

Down duvets. What a profane keyword. As SEO agency with a real nerd factor we are grateful for such an excellent keyword domain (even if Google won’t care).

SEO Magento by the SEO Agency Berlin

We have pushed the online shop of with our search engine optimisation in the online shop system Magento within four weeks and solely with content optimisation from rank 8 to rank 4 on Google.
Yes, the nerd has surpassed, eBay, Galeria Kaufhof and Ikea just like that.
I cite:

“Let me through, I am a nerd!”

As an expert tending to be a perfectionist he doesn’t lie down in a down duvet,

but rather lies on it; not good for the duvet, but for the SEO. Because when the nerd is chilling he gets the best ideas for search engine optimisations of online shops.
That we don’t only sleep as SEO Agency Berlin show the own ranking, of course, and the ones of our local, national and international protégés. A nerd is a nerd and that’s why it is fun to analyse and optimise and yes, to enjoy, too.
In the centre of attention of search engine optimisation is the improvement of the entire website and because search engines appreciate that so much they show their gratitude with a top ranking, it’s as simple as that.
A whole book of these simple rules, always going one’s own way and a good portion of individuality let you stand out automatically, also called the nerd factor. That’s exactly what makes the SEO Nerd so unique: background knowledge of search engine optimisation, the needed bit of talent, and Google’s love for nerds.
As SEO agency with real nerd factor we apparently belong to the 10 best optimised SEO agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to Google. For SEO Berlin and SEO agency Berlin we belong to the Big Five (says Google), so hey: Call us, the nerd will pick up.