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Skoda Berlin

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SEO Contao Skodawelt Berlin

The names Page and Brin are in circles of SEO as subtle as the name James Bond for someone who wants to keep a low profile. The seo-nerd was instantly electrified when Skodawelt Berlin consulted him and asked for an SEO for Contao. Two gentlemen named Page and Brin have visited the car dealership and implied they wanted to buy a car, but only if the homepage of the car dealer is convincing.

But exactly in that moment that was not the case. For the moment that could be excused, as they were only to stop over in Berlin. In half a year, though, they wanted to come to Berlin for longer. Since they were often travelling for business purposes they needed a car, a comfortable machine, in the best case scenario one that could drive on its own. Skoda was therefore on the shortlist. For reasons they didn’t want to discuss, it was important to them, however, to only make deals with salesmen that knew how to present themselves on the internet. In short: they would buy their Skoda at the dealership that is listed on top with Google.

Contao SEO with Nerd-appeal

SEO Contao für AutohäuserOnly one of them was always talking, though, the one with dark hair and a distinguishable Russian accent. He introduced himself as “Michailowitsch Brin“. His partner, a slim guy with grey hair, was more reserved, in contrast. He was obviously not speaking any German and introduced himself with a quiet voice and coming across a bit shy as “Mr. Edward Page“. Both looked like nerds. The thought to push the homepage forward with nerd-appeal suggested itself. And for this precise reason one thought of the SEO agency Berlin.immediately

Skodawelt Berlin told the seo-nerd the story on the phone first. But as soon as the names Page and Brin were mentioned the nerd got into his car to have a look himself on-site. Already after the first impression the seo-nerd recognized that the dealership is a thoroughly serious business. It was obvious that they knew their car sales and provided excellent service and advice. As the nerd booted his SEO tools it was also obvious, though, that the homepage was put in second place and not been taken care of well. He had to bring up his whole range of SEO Contao measures to push the site up in the rankings.

The site was only missing unique content and also the OnPage SEO techs were in a sorry state. Following had to be optimized…

  • … the internal link structure
  • … canonical tags
  • … URL redirections
  • … the decoration with Rich Snippets
  • … loading time
  • … and many more

SEO Contao for Page and Brin

In regards of cars it is often the add-ons you fall in love with. With a website it is quite similar. After the nerd has made the chassis of the site safe and fast, he and his team then began to equip the website with many nice SEO extras such as Favicon, GEO Tags and a loss-free compression of pictures. They didn’t have to wait for the award of all this effort for long: Skodawelt gained visibility in the net week by week and even reached the top spot on Google, in the end.

Eagerly, the seo-nerd waited for another phone call from Skodawelt. Everything now militated for the gentlemen Page and Brin to buy their car from Skodawelt. The nerd requested, that he would be informed immediately as soon as the both men would visit the dealership again. Exactly six months after the first SEO Contao measure it happened. Brin and Page just popped by and already had a key for a car in their hand, the nerd was told over the phone. In a matter of seconds the nerd dropped everything and rushed to his car and raced down the city’s motorway. Unfortunately completely in vain! When he drove up the yard of the dealer, Brin and Page already had vanished in their new car. They did not doubt the purchase at all, and all their questions had been answered on the homepage of the dealership, Skodawelt said. They paid in cash, shook hands friendlily and that was already about it. If it was in fact THE Brin and THE Page from Google nobody from Skodawelt could say for sure. Both were wearing sunglasses. It was painful that they didn’t get to know both legends personally, at least. Nevertheless the seo- nerd enjoyed his triumph to not only have convinced the two mysterious gentlemen with his SEO Contao for sure!