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SEO for City Kaufhaus

Magento SEO is nerdy by nature
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Magento SEO für City-Kaufhaus

The seo-nerd hasn’t been what you’d name a fashion victim until recently, really. After all, it is not really the style of a nerd to throw himself into shopping street or shopping malls to browse through shops. Anyhow, the nerd was still glad when he received the request to equip the shop of a fashion department store in a way, so that it’d be more attractive to search engines. A solid SEO Magento to the nerd’s taste was demanded.

Shopping is supposed to be fun

First of all, the nerd looked around in the world of shoes and trendy clothes. The completion is hard in this branch. Clothes and shoes belong to the consumer goods that Germans buy new most frequently. Big fashion chains compete for the customers’ attention like mail order companies or shopping clubs.

Therefore it was out of question that this could only keep up if the full programme of his search engine optimisation for Magento was put to work here. To test the usability of the site the nerd didn’t trust his usually reliable SEO tools only, this time.

As the world of fashion was more or less alien to him he used the opportunity to put himself into the users’ and customers’ position. The nerd ordered trousers, shirts, t-shirts and other stuff, pretending to outfit him for a fashion week. Soon he realised that he had to adjust the design of the site as well to provide an easier, more intuitive usability of the site. After all shopping on the internet mustn’t be boring or even irritating: most importantly it has to be fun.

Magento SEO fidgeting for trendy rags

But that didn’t finish the job, of course. Especially in the areas Onpage SEO content as well as Onpage SEO technology there were some things left to do to get the shop up-to-date for search engines:

  • Source codes had to be correctedy
  • Duplicate content had to be avoided
  • Link title attributes had to be generated with added value
  • JS, HTML and CSS source code files had to be compressed and optimised
  • The browser cache had to be activated

After these and a few other measures the shop was finally where it was supposed to be: on the catwalk of the search engines that applauded it and recommended it to users.
As often, the nerd has learnt something from this job, as well. He dresses better now and pays more attention to current fashion trends. After all, he has to agree with Karl Lagerfeld, who once said:

Whoever wears tracksuit bottoms has lost control over their life.

What the nerd transfers to his area as well by the way:

Whoever does without SEO Magento will lose control over his shop’s success.