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WordPress SEO from nerd to nerd
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SEO for WordPress in comparison with other CMSs, Responsive Webdesign or scaling of inline elements in the template – when experts meet up talks reach a level that sounds like gibberish to laymen.

Chitchat among pros:

This was the case the other day when the seo-nerd met the colleagues from the Berliner web design agency 4selected. The seo-nerd likes to talk shop, particularly when his opponent is not free of nerdiness either. At one point the seo-nerd has talked himself up: very keenly he presented his very own SEO philosophy that he has perfected with his team of the SEO agency Berlin. The seo-nerd described OffPage and OnPage optimisation, the beauty of synonyms and the fabulous world of unique content in colourful pictures. Not only his eyes, but also the eyes of his opponent began to shine.

Onpage optimization: to get everything out of the engine

Soon it was clear that even the pros of 4selected wanted to benefit from OnPage optimisation in the style of proven seo-nerd philosophy. Trustfully they gave him the key to their treasure. They wouldn’t get disappointed. For one thing the seo-nerd is capable of: to get more ouf of an already oiled engine. The web designer of 4selected manufacture for their customers a tailored, shiny car body – and the seo-nerd makes sure that everything is impeccable underneath the bonnet. The full service checks the engine of 4selected thoroughly: a full examination – package SEO for WordPress & OnPage optimisation – with the well-equipped seo-nerd tool box. Sure thing he had to deal with like-minded people, the website was impressive. Yet still: the backlinks were neglected, and the keyword density had to be tweaked, as well as some word could be replaced with a synonym.

Fine-tuning with a pinch of nerdiness

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SEO 4selected

Penalty risks abolished. Keywords dusted. Meta-tags polished. Well-oiled, the engine is running on new levels never reached by 4selected before – also in terms of the search engine ranking. When the seo-nerd showed his colleagues the result of the optimisation they were blown off their feet: they fell into each other’s arms of glee. That’s how beautiful an end to a story can be when pros get included in it.