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Logo C P C A G

Analyzing, identifying potentials, optimizing and sustainable changing is a passion. No, the seo-nerd does not speak of itself, but of its customer, the CPC AG.

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Axel Springer

Axel Springer Logo

Even the great ones need help now and again. And true greatness is asking for help. So the seo-nerd was very happy when a certain Axel Springer (or his successors) knocked on his virtual door and asked for SEO consulting for the portal Lesershop24.

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WordPress-SEO: Lexoffice


Do you remember, back then at the Emperor’s times, when we had to walk 20 kilometers through the knee-deep snow to school with the slate under the arms? Back then when the cutler moved from house to house every month. Back then when in the kontors legions of accountants pored over countless bill books. Fortunately these days are over long ago. Today it is not only easier for schoolchildren and people with blunt scissors, but also for everyone who has to deal with accounting.

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SOScom SEO for WordPress

Soscom Logo

Let’s just assume you have a really classy high-tech house. Your house doesn’t only look great, but is also smart. Smart? How is that possible without a brain? Just think of a smart home hub that you can control over your smartphone, regardless if it the blinds, heating, lights and other devices. When you get home and you want to get comfy you can set the right scene before even arriving there. So once again, your house is smart and knows what you need: light in the darkness, sun during the day, heat on the stove and a system that knows who enters and leaves the house when.

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Poi Lei – Shopify

The seo-nerd could make many experiences already, but manufacturing seven-league boots for constant SERP success of SEO Shopify – that was new to him. But he couldn’t reject the woman’s request, who had entered his office wearing extravagant court shoes: “I am a shoe designer and allow myself to claim that I make shoes how women want them. But a suitable pair of seven-league boots for the optimised ranking success on Google is still missing in my collection.” The seo-nerd promised to help and could already picture the boots …

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Skoda Berlin

SEO Contao Skodawelt Berlin

The names Page and Brin are in circles of SEO as subtle as the name James Bond for someone who wants to keep a low profile. The seo-nerd was instantly electrified when Skodawelt Berlin consulted him and asked for an SEO for Contao. Two gentlemen named Page and Brin have visited the car dealership and implied they wanted to buy a car, but only if the homepage of the car dealer is convincing.

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SEO Consulting Booklooker

booklooker seo consulting

Do you know the book or movie “The name of the rose”? It is set in the Middle Ages. It is about an old library in which monks disappear one after the other. All that just to protect one single book! All just made up? Be careful, the seo-nerd has experienced something similar – but with a secret book about SEO consulting.

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note1 online marketing

Speaking of ghosts, do you see any now and then? No? Goblins? Gnomes? Trolls? Nothing? Other magical creatures? Nope? Well. Then have a look at the seo-nerd‟s story and his online marketing for NoteEins®. Then you will see the invisible, just pay attention!

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SEO WordPress für MCS

Let‟s assume you hear the word “nerd” somewhere. Are you thinking of the loser version of a one-track specialist then? It‟s okay, just go ahead. Admit it, you are just imagining a spectacled weakling with extraordinary computer skills. That you‟re being completely wrong with this is needless to say, right?

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WordPress Optimization for Graef Alarmanlagen

Logo G R A E F Alarmanlagen

SEO Magento für Graef

Although the seo-nerd sensed something bad might happen reading this sentence, he didn’t hesitate to take up this SEO WordPress challenge, as well.

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