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Content optimization à la seo-nerd

| Stand: Nov. 2022
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OnPage SEO – Content optimization à la seo-nerd

Psst!! The nerd has drawn out an important secret from the search engines that he’d like to share with you: More than Offpage optimization, Onpage optimization gives you the opportunity to take initiative in upkeeping your website’s well-being. Because if there’s one thing the little furry animals from the Google Zoo like even more than many links of popular websites–it’s appetizing information! This fact however, most experts for search engine optimization don’t like to admit, and instead like to cook their own soup (figuratively speaking) for the customers. The nerd, however, would love to let you assist him in his own soup kitchen (yes, the agency is meant by that) and tells you some of his most important ingredients for a delicious Onpage search engine optimization that truly seems to be of the various animal-species‘ taste within the Google Zoo.

Feed the animal!

Back in the day search engine optimization was relatively simple: Many, many key words were seasoned with some information in the website sauce pan and sent into the big, wide world of the WWW. A high number of key word links were mixed into and ready was the search engine optimization soup whose recipe was kept secret by the pros, though.

But in recent years, many fast-cooking SEOs had to spoon up their own soup as Google sent out various animal updates to simply over-salt the concoction: The Panda (2011) destroyed bad contents; the penguin (2012) froze the various keyword-link-collections into the depths of the eternal Penality ice, and the new algorithm hummingbird (2013) flew from website blossom to website blossom to only nibble from the most beautiful unique content information and to process it in the context of the theme for the SERPs. Quite picky, the little one.

Tasty information also rises in the SERPs

The nerd has always been a perfectionist gourmet with his SEO agency. In Onpage optimization he always focuses on fresh information and varied contents, so that his soup is liked by the animals of different colours and shapes. His recipe for a good search engine optimization he is willing to share with you and to help you out of every tricky situation along the way.

Recipe for good Onpage SEOptimization


  • High quality contents with added value for the user
  • Keywords to sprinkle over the text
  • Synonyms and terms of word families
  • Optimized pictues and graphics
  • Metatags and URLs of the subsites with few keywords to season
  • Last but not least a pinch of nerd


Focus on the contents of your theme with content-based Onpage SEO. If you are omitting words – just ask the nerd for support. He has a few special ingredients in his SEO sack for these cases. Comprehensive information and the answering of as many questions regarding the topic as possible do not only attract countless visitors to your site over the search engines, but also make your website to an authority through recommendations in forums, social media groups and other portals. Furthermore, if connected with a Google+ account that shows someone is passionately involved, the new website dish provides an online reputation that is not achievable by any form of Black-Hat-SEOs.

And whoever has high quality content with added value for his user on offer will realize very quickly, that also the link search will become a piece of cake and more than one new link will be recognized in the analyses without request. And the Google animals find the links and likes very tasty indeed. For the biggest online gourmets are definitely the search engine bots.

Optimization instead of frustration – THANKS TO THE NERD

Good Onpage SEOptimization is not as complex as often claimed. With the right ingredients, patience and endurance your website also can achieve the leverage from a fast-food input to a deli website. And if you are stuck at any point of search engine optimization just ask the nerd from the SEO agency Berlin for some special ingredients for your Onpage SEO. He will definitely have some magic spices for your website success!

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