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Online Marketing & SEO Glossary

Abbreviations everyone should know
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seo glossary
On the internet there are many abbreviations, especially in online marketing and in search engine optimisation a lot of creativity does exist. The nerd summarises the essential abbreviations in his SEO encyclopaedia:

Abbreviations in search engine optimisationExplanation
CDN“content delivery network” allows loading a site from two servers simultaneously
CMS„content management system“, mainly a website enabling the end-user to edit contents the simple way. E.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO
Conversion“change of stauts from a visitor to a customer, for instance
CPC“cost per click”
CPL“cost per lead”
CPO“cost per order”
CTA“call to action”/td>
CTR“click trough rate”
KEI“keyword effectiveness index”
Landing Pagea website optimised for a niche of the target group aiming to generate a qualified conversion (mostly via SEA)
PPC“pay per click”
SEA„search engine advertising“: renting of results in the SERPs, e.g. Google AdWords
SEO“search engine optimisation” for organic parts in SERPs
SEO3.0search engine optimisation without risking a penalty and less costs at the same time
SEM“search engine marketing”: consists of SEA and SEO
SERPs“search engine result page”
SMCSocial Media Channel
UX“User Experience”
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