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OffPage SEO

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OffPage SEO – Social Media & Links through added value

The basics for search engine optimization are simple to understand and can be done without an SEO agency in the case of niche websites and shops with creative specials on offer: Qualitative content sparks the reader’s interest links from other websites. This can be seen well in the area of social media.

Back then, OffPage SEO was easier!

Many, many links with the chosen keyword were distributed all over the internet, without paying attention to the neighbouring websites or the origin; sticking to the theme: “Bad backlinks don’t exist!”
Link lists, top lists, business and product directories were flooded with links in which the keyword was incorporated more or less identically. And one or two smart website owner just bought having links on various sites. These obvious manipulations of the SERPs were not to the liking of the search engine producers. Informative websites were listed far behind the ones that had countless links listed like sweets are eaten at Christmas after these optimization measures were administered by more or less professional SEO agencies.

Avoid OffPage SEO mistakes of the past in advance

The consequence of the search engine providers made sense essentially: If the manipulation with a few links and the same keyword is so simple new algorithms are necessary. Behind benignly-sounding little animals, incoming changes were hidden, after which the evaluation of a website and the related position in the SERPs took place. Bad contents and many new links within a very short time were fed to the Panda at Google (update in 2011) like tender bamboo leaves for instance. The keyword stuffing, the extreme use of the same link text, was victimized by the Penguin update (2012). Penalties for web pages like down-marking and even complete deletions of sites in the search engine results were complained about by the SEO industry everywhere. And while the Google Zoo continuously released Pandas, penguins, hummingbirds (and who knows what animals will follow…) into the SEO land, one webmaster or another will have to learn how fast the artificially pushed article directory will have to depart this life as a link source from the nibbling animals. “Rest in peace” the seo-nerd from the SEO agency Berlin has only left to say to that, who with his sense for contents and perfection always focusses on quality and added value.

It’s also quality that has to be highlighted with own texts as well the list of links.Without any quality, Offpage optimization will have as much success when done yourself as the mainly buried „made-for-adsense“ product catalogues.

Good texts with very informative content

Regarding high quality SEO texts the seo doesn’t mean the stringing together of keywords with a bit of information anymore, but holistic information in which a few single keywords are included in. Whoever, for instance, writes about their hobby as “aquarist” should specify if they have freshwater or saltwater tanks or which fish species they keep, and which background information could be useful for the user to know. Whoever answers every potential question on their website has good chances to get many links on their site without needing to send any link-begging emails to other website owners. If, for example, a forum member in an aquarist forum asks a question that can be answered on your site someone who has visited your site before will link them to it – and already you have a qualitative link in a valued environment that will convince the Google animals to rank you higher in the SERPs.
Also social media sites will be a link retriever rather fast if, for instance, group members recommend your website as a source for information or share news from your topic on their profile with others interested. The good links and high-quality contents make a good team in the eyes of the search engines if the owners present themselves as active deliverers of information and link the content to social media profiles, for example: Google+, Facebook and Co. support the credibility of contents and the people behind it. So you shouldn’t hide yourself behind questionable miracle measures but apply so- called White-Hat-SEO that follows the guidelines of search engines completely. Just like the seo-nerd.

The next steps for your OffPage SEO

Start with a comprehensive analysis of the existing website or inform yourself about the basic measures for a new presentation. Use for the analysis various tools that are introduced to you by the seo-nerd ( If you have for example many old, neglected websites in your link list or if they are from product and web catalogues then it makes sense to delete them. Suggestions for this you can find on the respective websites.

Afterwards it is your task to do a little Onpage: Gather widespread information, that give added value to the reader that supports the voluntary linking by others. At the same time, you shouldn’t hesitate to give a link to foreign, highly informative websites.
Once you’ve built a new foundation, start to become active yourself with your website’s
topic on the net. Support forums relevant to your topic with your knowledge, make yourself known in Facebook groups as an expert, and publish exciting news about your topic on your Google+ profile as well as your blog regularly. Permanent activity counts: For instance, if you found an own Facebook group make sure something is happening on it frequently.

No matter if Onpage- or Offpage-SEO, optimization of websites is always a longitudinal process that requires a lot of patience, effort and concentrated work. But you can do it! If you need help with the seo-nerd would love to provide you with advice and professional support.