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When is Google Penguin Update 3.0 coming

Rumours went around that Google would renew its Penguin update | Stand: Nov. 2022
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Google apparently prepares everything to release the long-awaited Penguin update 3.0 even this week. For a long time already rumours went around that Google would renew its Penguin update even this year.
Gary Illyes, webmaster trend analyst and search quality engineer for Google has said during an SEO conference last week in New York, that Google has worked on the new version of its Penguin algorithm for almost a year, and is ready to launch this version now.

Penguin update is supposed to be a “pleasure”

Illyes announced that the Penguin update will make the life of webmasters “a bit easier”. For most users it will be “a pleasure” at the same time. Google has worked on this update for so long for exactly that reason: to satisfy experts as well as simple users equally well.
For some SEOs Illyes’ warming choice of words will sound like alarm bells to them. Penguin updates make sure that sites with a suspicious link profile are penalised after all, for example. So bad news for those who still earn their money with that.

More frequent updates

Whoever now tries to quickly get rid of bad links can lean back again. It is already too late for that, Illyes said as well. This is also a cue for Google probably having the Penguin update 3.0 ready to launch already. Additionally, Penguin will be updated in shorter intervals, in future. A similar development as it was the case with the Panda update can be assumed which is already renewed roughly once a month. So it can be said, that Google apparently wants to keep its zoo.

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