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Panda Update September 2014

Google feeds Panda with new update | Stand: Nov. 2022
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Google expands its quality offensive with a new Panda update. It’s already run for a few days now and will enfold its whole power by the end of this week, probably. SEO experts expect, that smaller and medium-sized sites will be strengthened with the new update that bank on high-quality, relevant content with no exception.

Post by "Pierre Far"

Google+ Post “Pierre Far”

New chance for Panda penalised sites

Pierre Far, a Google employee from Great Britan, has admitted this on his Google+ account. According to his statement, 3-5% of all search requests were affected by the new update. The new update apparently enables Google to recognise less valuable contents. At the same time, Google can weigh relevant content better. Google has incorporated data of users and webmasters into the Panda algorithm for that.
Who was penalised, when the last Panda update was introduced, now has a chance to move up the Google SERPs, given they have optimised their website for Panda. Vice versa, sites unaffected by the Panda update so far might now get into trouble. Anyway, it is important to prepare for Panda. And that means, one has to offer especially context-related, valuable contents. If you are in need for further tips on how to look after the Google Panda we’d like to invite you to our Berliner SEO Zoo.

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