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Pagespeed optimization

| Stand: Nov. 2022
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Pagespeed optimization: The SEO trump!

Slow movement is a new popular catchphrase for our modern time. For a loading time of a website it is rather counterproductive, however: If you have to wait for too long for a desired website to load one often just jumps to the next website. The users’ lust for information with an original website can often lead to a disqualification in the search results. Slim codes and short loading time not only obtain the sympathy of the new (staying) reader but also of the Google bots. And no SEO agency would dream of joking with either of them!

Between nostalgic user behavior and slow DSL

Pagespeed optimization gives SEO-benefits! The seo-nerd can remember well: A few years ago it was a waiting game to call up an internet site. The chose site load itself painfully slow. As if that wasn’t causing trouble enough, Mama-nerd was sometimes shouting: “Boy, get out of the internet, I want to make a call!”
With a bit of luck he could read the already rendered parts of the website that were hopefully worthy to read, also. If the used keyword didn’t bring the sought after contents as a result of the common backlink strategies back then the game started all over again. Then, when you had a lot of time on-hand to ponder when surfing the net….and that the nerd made use of. In the meantime he made a detailed, sophisticated master-plan for optimizing of pagespeed.
Today, the waiting time is often shortened thanks to improved DSL performances and wobbly modems gave way to fast routers. But it seems to the nerd that even now the loading times of some websites are constructed using nostalgic aspects: countless plug-ins, funny flashy pictures and stylish Javascript animations are, despite common belief, not responsible for high visitor numbers. The only high that can be recorded here is the tension of the visitors and the bounce-rate.

Pagespeed optimization wird zur Win-Win Situation

“Just quickly” is just not the case if the pagespeed of the website is not optimised. And not only do visitors despise the website owner for this error, but also the bots: If the “crawling” takes too long then the site can only be partly indexed within the minimal time frame. The rest has to wait until the next visit if the robot can still be at all bothered, despite this programming error.

Supercharger fitting for the pagespeed optimization

Clean codes and compresses, these are the magic words. When compressing source code: surplus comments, line breaks and spaces are removed. This, of course, isn’t as easy as it sounds and even if your allegedly SEO-optimized CMS has implemented these options by default, these automatically condensed and compressed files mostly destroy the whole layout of the site.
If you fall into despair at this point, then you should get in touch with the website-tuner seo-nerd. He knows how to install a supercharger and to calibrate it accordingly.

pagespeed optimization

pagespeed optimization

Reduction of server requests and source code

By using CSS and compressed pictures it is possible to improve the loading times in the Onpage optimization by quite a lot. The additional outsourcing and combination of single source code files to condensed ones saves even more time. Servers enjoy a bit of attention and appreciate every gZip and Cache activation.

Relativity theory of usability

Plugins are a good way to build in or to add additional features to a website. But what at first sight appears to be user-orientated (optimization of usability), the nerd sees as the complete opposite. For every plugin comes with more code and has to load further files. Every file is an extra request for the stressed and often too weak and overloaded server. To relieve the own server CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) is a good choice. With this method, static data is hosted on an external and often faster server, so that when delivering the site – two downloads can take place simultaneously on different servers.

Through slim coding and the elimination of redundant PageSpeed brakes the seo-nerd offers his visitors remarkably faster pagespeeds, allowing the bots more time to have a closer look at the website of his Berliner SEO company. In most cases, the granted visiting time is sufficient for a coffee with the bot and small gestures keep up the friendship with known SERPs. The bots also find the site more palatable and interesting than badly optimized ones and let the tuned URLs rise in the SERPs.

Test the pagespeed of your website with our free SEO tool recommendations of the seo- nerd yourself. With these and other possibilities of the pagespeed optimisation the SEO nerd together with his SEO agency doesn’t only get visitors in higher numbers on your website: moreover, in our experience they often stay longer to read more from a faster website.

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