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Content Marketing

Click yourself! The fine art of Content Marketing | Stand: Nov. 2022
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Content Marketing
Ads are annoying.. At least most of the times. Okay, actually always. The seo-nerd is certainly not the only one who feels like that. Advertisements are like a badly trained attention-seeking small dog always jumping up on you. This advertisement pinscher crops up as a pop-up on your desktop and only lets us get to the really interesting contents after tedious click whoring.

Ads stuff up our mail boxes in the offline world, our mail account on the net, and even follow up on us over sites just because we happen to have looked for shoes on Amazon once, or a watch or a tool. Advertisement is like a pimple on your butt: everyone knows them, nobody loves them.

Of course there are also cases of well-made ads. Rarely, at least. If you’re looking for a new notebook will be happy about the latest prospect of electronic store in their mailbox. On the other hand: how often does one buy a new notebook? Classic adverts hence have the particular problem of reaching its target group not so often. Adverts are the literal breaking of a butterfly on a wheel. Luckily there are alternatives.

Your place or mine?

The magic word is content marketing. The idea behind that is simply said anything else but trivial. With this kind of online marketing, the customer comes onto your company or your website himself. And that purely because you have something interesting, exciting or simply useful on offer for him.

In the example of the notebook above, for instance, tips for buying a new note or where to find cheap offers or if it wouldn’t be better at all just to upgrade the old notebook.

While in adverts you approach the consumer, in content marketing you rely on the consumer coming to you. In an ideal case, you win new customers through content marketing and bind existing with high quality contents to your company, brand, or to your website.

And what does content marketing have to do with SEO?

The term content marketing comes from the part of marketing that is called inbound marketing; which just simply describes marketing where consumers come to you from their own initiative.

or your website, this approach automatically brings you a critical advantage: high- quality contents show Google and other search engines that the site is relevant for a certain topic or differently said, for specific keywords which should allow you to be found with by search engines. The more unique and entertaining the contents are the better the chances to move up in the SERPs. Hence, content marketing is a compulsory part of every success-orientated Onpage optimization.

Be yourself, be super awesome

What is high-quality content, though? Unfortunately, there’s no universally valid answer to this. It depends on the branch, your offers, products and not least on your potential customers, of course. If they feel addressed then you’re on the right track. The nerd has various tools in his SEO tool box ready for this:

  • Blogs with regular entries
  • Newsletter
  • Texts
  • PDFs
  • E-Books
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Call-to actions (in social media networks, etc.)

Don’t be scared. You’ll surely find the right tool for you, the right tone and valuable content that will attract people to your site. A nice example of this is the promotion of Edeka “Super market. Super make. Super awesome” with short clips by Friedrich Liechtenstein – exactly, the likeable big guy with his “Super awesome” (German original title: Supergeil) song.

The added value for the customer is simply entertainment that likes to be shared with others. It was no surprise that the clips advanced to a hit on Facebook and other social media platforms. Everyone who liked “Supergeil”, linked it or recommended it became a new brand ambassador for Edeka. By which another big advantage of content marketing can be identified: Ideally, your customers, your website or Facebook’s visitors become brand ambassadors. Super awesome, no?

Content marketing uses already existing resources anyhow

The “Supergeil” campaign was designed by the reputable agency Jung von Matt, by the way. Such campaigns are pricey, of course. But they come in cheaper forms too. Have you ever done a presentation that had been received well? In front of your colleagues? Your customers? Perfect! Surely some of your customers would appreciate if they could read it as PDF, listen to an audio recording or watch it as a video.

You have researched a new product in your range? You know now where it’s produced, under which conditions and which criteria you use for assessing its
quality? Excellent! Your customers would surely like to know all these things, as well.

But don’t betray yourself. Of course, your competitors will also thank you for sharing your knowledge. The benefit you’ll get out of this when you share your knowledge with your customers is unequally bigger; especially if you’re faster with this than your competition, or more precise, more in depth, more serious, more entertaining, more impulsive, more sensitive, etc.

Your best bet would be to surprise yourself with your content marketing. Then the chances are big that you’ll surprise others with it and reach them as well. The nerd can help you lift those – so far unused treasures – in your company which customers and search engines like Google would love you for.

Steven Spielberg and the romantic soft-core for asexuals

Since Google’s hummingbird update, you should pay attention to the context contents will show up in. For it’s no use neither for your customers nor your SERP results if you try to include your brand messages into every text, info- graphics or video.

The reason why Google pays so much attention to the context now you can learn from Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is probably the most successful movie director of all times. How could he become so successful? Has he restricted himself on one genre, so one context? No! Spielberg is just as much a master of science fiction (“Minority Report”, “E.T.”) as he is of action (“Indiana Jones”) or of historical dramas (“Schindler’s List”, “The Color Purple”). Spielberg has never intermixed different genres with each other, though.

He just knew before Google did that the keywords “romance” and “asexuality” live in very different text worlds.
So just do it like Spielberg and focus on a few keywords in every article. Keywords that your target group focus on, as well, you want to reach with the corresponding contents with. Usually, the nerd does not target the homepage with content marketing strategies therefore. Sub-pages are often more suitable for this. Content marketing kind of puts the cart before the horse. The search engines recognize this strategy and thank this with good rankings of these sites.


Studies illustrate again and again that people spend 50% of their time on the internet looking for correct information. Content marketing applies exactly there. Instead of wasting resources in expensive advertisement campaigns, content marketing gives you a chance to make new connections belonging to your customer group or might become your customers. From the SEO viewpoint, with content marketing you get people to

  • visit your site
  • recommend your site to others
  • trust your site

All criteria that get Google and other search engines to have only one verdict for your site: super awesome!

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