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Get the nerdy SEO knowledge!
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SEO Consulting - Get the nerdy SEO knowledge

Are your ready for nerdy SEO wisdoms?

Does the seo-nerd also offer SEO consulting? Of course! From Socrates, to Mr. Miyagi, to Professor Dumbledore: every wise man who is self-respecting, passes on his experiences to inquisitive students. And even if the seo-nerd does not have a long, white beard, which he can finger while brooding, he does not keep his knowledge to himself.

You have already acquired a few SEO skills and would like to optimize your website by yourself? The seo-nerd will be happy to assist you with its know-how and experience.

Use the nerd-power for your purpose!

A view from the outside often helps to identify flaws and development potential. Since you as the website operator are familiar with the matter, you may not always notice what can be improved from the user’s point of view. Furthermore, the seo-nerd has many SEO tools available to put your website on the acid test. Thereby you’ ll get feedback from a search engine’s and the user’s point of view and can get startet with the optimization.

It’s the aim of a SEO consulting to condition you to optimize your website on your own. All your questions about search engine optimization should be answered so you can make Google and the users be panting for your website.

Strategical SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization is a long-term process in which you should not burst headless. When it comes to strategical SEO consulting, the seo-nerd helps you to develop an essential plan for your SEO measures. This includes:

  • Defining the aims of your website – What do you want to achieve with your website?
  • Identifying the audience – Who do you want to address with your website and what do your users expect?
  • Competitor analysis – What are you competitors actually doing?
  • Geographical targeting of your website – Do you want to be active on a regional, regional or international level?
  • Budget Planning – What financial resources are available for SEO and how can they be used in a reasonable way?
  • Monitoring – Which tools help you to implement your SEO measures and how are they set up?>

With the right SEO strategy, you can set realistic goals. The nerd helps you to derive the correct measures and to analyze the successes.

SEO Consulting for OnPage Optimierung

If you want to take advantage of an SEO consulting with the seo-nerd, the focus is first on the optimization of your website itself. At the beginning of each consultation the question is: How far is your website already optimized for search engines? Not every construction site is the same size. Perhaps you have already implemented a few SEO measures or did a lot properly with the content and the technology of your site by intuition. How much on a website really needs to be optimized is shown by a SEO analysis. The OnPage analysis dwells on the content and the technology of your site, so that in the SEO consulting all questions about the optimization can be clarified; for example:

  • Have the right keywords been chosen and used for the domain?
  • Does the website contain Duplicate Content?
  • Can the page speed be increased?
  • Is the sitemap built logical?

This results in specific measures, which seo-nerd will give you to take along. In coordination with your wishes and goals, the development of a content strategy also belongs to a SEO consulting.

The aim of every search engine optimization is to ensure that your site is successful in the long term. Search engine optimization is therefore always to be understood as a process in which different sub-targets are defined. For each of these stages, the seo-nerd gives you concrete recommendations for action, which you can implement independently. To what extent you also want help with the implementation, you can decide on your own, of course. With different SEO tools you can then evaluate the success of the individual measures or let them be evaluated.

SEO Consulting for OffPage Optimierung

With the OnPage optimization alone it is not yet done. How important your site is, evaluate search engines also by the virtual environment in the net, e.g how your website is linked from other sites and how it is perceived.

Establish a proper link concept

When linking to your website from other sites, this is a recommendation – so long as you do the right linkbuilding measures. Too many backlinks hurt more than they are useful. Google prefers natural links, this means links that are created by a real interaction with others, by someone who assume the contents of your site to be recommendable. SEO Consulting for Linkbuilding therefore includes:

  • Development of a content marketing strategy
  • Identification of possible partnerships and influencers
  • Assessment of the thematic relevance and the link context
  • Removal of harmful links
  • Competition analysis

OffPage Optimization via Social Media Marketing

Social networks offer you great potential and are also important for the interaction with your (potential) customers. But these channels are also very care-dependent. The seo-nerd advises you whether this effort is worthwhile for you, how you can improve already existing social media profiles and how you operate effective social media marketing.

SEO Consulting for website relaunch

A new content management system, a different design or better usability: there are different reasons for the relaunch of a website. So that after the relaunch or redesign of your site, you do not have to struggle with ranking losses or the cave in of organic traffic, it is sensible to get SEO consulting in advance.

A relaunch offers you the opportunity to optimize the content and onpage factors from the start. The seo-nerd supports you purposeful with:

  • Analysis of optimization potentials
  • Creation of a relaunch concert
  • Checklists for the correct implementation of the relaunch
  • Quality assurance of the entire relaunch process
  • Analysis of your website after the relaunch

If your website has been around for a while, it has a history on Google – even if you haven’t done anything in search engine optimization yet. Your website with all it’s subpages is already indexed and maybe linked on other websites (yellow pages, review sites, blogs etc.). With SEO consulting on website relaunch, you can ensure that this history is not lost and you can also profit previous successes.

There are no stupid questions…

… just stupid answers. The most important thing with a SEO consulting is the contact on a level playing field. Even the nerd started on a shoestring and knows with which questions and problems one is struggling at the beginning. If you want to take the search engine optimization of your website into your own hands, you can ask him without hesitation. After all, a SEO consultation is there to give you all the important skills.

So that you know what you can expect from the nerdy SEO advice, you can find the answers to the most common questions here:

How are the costs of SEO consulting calculated?

The seo-nerd invoices his advice on an hourly basis. There are no fixed packages, but the price depends on how intensive the service you are looking for is.

Is the SEO consulting bounded to a specific content management system?

No. Whether WordPress, Contao, Typo 3, Magento or others: the seo-nerd is flexible and offers you a comprehensive SEO consulting independent of the content management system you use.

For how many participants is SEO consulting designed?

The nerd is complies to your needs. He will be happy to coach you in a single meeting or create a SEO workshop for the entire marketing department of your company.

SEO Consulting is not of the rack

The seo-nerd knows that there are no run-of-the-mine solutions for search engine optimization. Every website pursues different goals and addresses different target groups. That’s why the seo-nerd focuses in his SEO consulting on the areas where there is a real need for action.

The individual objectives and needs of the individual customer are decisive for every SEO consultation. Whether a one-time analysis and coaching, monthly consulting appointments or a project-oriented consulting – the seo-nerd does not work with rigid concepts, but rather develops a tailor-made solution for every customer. At the end of the SEO consulting there is a coherent concept, which helps you to permanently improve and consolidate your position in the search engines.

Withal the seo-nerd thinks outside the box and advices you how you expand your SEO strategy with Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords, Brand Building and other activities.